Difference Between Onsite Vs Offsite SEO Explained

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SEO techniques are broadly divided into two major categories: On Site and Off Site. But, one needs to understand that these two techniques are very dissimilar from one another. Let’s briefly discuss these techniques.

Onsite Optimization

On Site SEO mainly refers to direct edits that user makes to the website or blog site to enhance its behavior or performance after being placed in the search engines. Some of the common elements for this optimization process are:

  • Headings
  • Keyword text
  • XML sitemap
  • Indexing
  • Meta tags
  • Internal linking
  • Alt text
  • URLs
  • Keyword density and keyword-formatted URLs.

Off site Optimization

This technique works as an external support to the website or blog. Here, inclusion of external elements largely makes the difference. This search engine optimization process involves any sort of approach taken from outside or through the help of social media and others. Some of the common elements for Off Site optimization process are:

  • Back-linking
  • Article directory submissions
  • Inbound linking
  • Commenting on other blog sites
  • Marketing posts through Social Media
  • Paid linking
  • RSS feeds
  • Trackbacks
  • Press releases

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Symbiotic Relation Between The Two

By now, the readers surely have understood that Onsite and Offsite SEO techniques are different from each other. However, the techniques may differ, but the final goal always remains the same – to create a positive impression about the website in search engines and to generate maximum amount of traffic towards it.

This is how, both On and Off site strategies feature a certain symbiotic relationship with one another. Each one has significant influence on the other in a certain way. In short, they have direct influence on one another in the working process.

Difference Between On And Offsite Optimization

Although much debatable, but On Site techniques can definitely increase the effectiveness of the Off Site techniques. Confused? Let’s be a little more specific: a site with great and original content with relevant keywords and density being well maintained will definitely gain positive results from the Search Engines. It can also help in increasing the trackbacks, as well as going viral in social media.

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Author: Dr. Kavita

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