Domain Name Search-6 Tips to Find Perfect Blog Domain Names

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Domain name search is a crucial part of your blog set up process. Your blog domain is more or less going to stay with your blog forever and can make a huge difference in the success or failure of your blog. So today’s post is all about domain name search and 6 tips to christening your blog with the perfect domain name.

# 1 of 6 Domain Name Search Tips- Dot Com Domain is Best

When you are conducting a domain name search using any of the domain registrars, you will find a long list of domain extensions like .com, .net, .org, .info, .co,, .me, .mobi etc. My suggestion is that you give preference to .com extension for the simple reason that it is most popular.

# 2 of 6 Domain Name Search Tips- Relevance is Key

It is necessary to keep your domain name absolutely relevant to your business or topic of your blog. So don’t select domain names simply because they are available in dot com extension. Ensure that it describes your blog topic or business well.

# 3 of 6 Domain Name Search Tips- Keep it Short

While people are using domain names that contain up to 4 or 5 words, it goes without saying that shorter the domain name, easier it is to recollect for your visitors. Single word domain names may be extremely tough to get because all the generic names have been taken and even if they are available for sale, the asking prices are well over six figures.

# 4 of 6 Domain Name Search Tips- Avoid Gaffes and Foolish Mistakes

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Many  a times domain names may qualify with respect to all the 3 criteria mentioned in the previous 3 domain name search tips, but still can sound extremely unprofessional, foolish or even turn out to be something that is not intended or desired. An excellent example of such an unintentional gaffe is a domain name like Penisland, which was supposed to be a pen shop and not some site relating to male body part!

# 5 of 6 Domain Name Search Tips- Say No to Numbers and Hyphens

Domain name search is all about finding domain names that can be easily remembered and recollected by people who are trying to visit your website or blog. Using numbers and hyphens as part of domain names can turn out to be quite tricky as majority of the population tends to get confused with them.

# 6 of 6 Domain Name Search Tips- Use Google Keyword Tool

Google keyword tool can come in handy when searching for appropriate domain names. Look for the top keywords related to your niche and see if you can get any of those which have just 1, 2 or 3 words. Having a keyword related to your niche as part of your domain name is certainly very helpful in getting a better Alexa ranking.

Domain name search is just the beginning of your blog journey. But a job well begun is half done, so spend some time and effort in ensuring that you follow all the 6 tips to acquire the best domain names. Good luck to you!

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