Freelance Blogger-Tips to get Long Term Paid Blogging Gigs

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What do you get when you cross a freelancer with a blogger? Yeah you guessed it right- the answer is a freelance blogger. How cool is that?

Talk about getting paid to do what you love. Most of the bloggers are in the blogging field, just for the love of it. No wonder that you will find many of the weblogs centered on some personal hobby or interest.

Passion Does Not Pay

But sadly, passion will not pay under normal circumstances. Most of the bloggers who are blogging as a hobby find that they have very few subscribers or followers. Scanty traffic means scanty income for the blogger.

But these passionate bloggers will not complain because they were not in it for the money anyways! I am not saying that hobby blogs do not earn incomes. On the contrary there are numerous examples of hobby blogs raking in handsome amounts of moolah each month. But consider those as exceptional cases, and their popularity is because their hobby or chosen niche is already a hit with the masses.

Need for a Hired Blogger

Not all blog sites are owned by bloggers and not all bloggers own their personal blog sites. When a blog site has been started with the intention of doing successful business, or to make money from blogging, the content needs to be A-class.

If the blog owner has no time, ability or passion to write quality blogs for his / her own blog site, the only alternative is to hire a professional writer who knows how to create interesting blogs. That is where the freelance blogger enters the scene.

Benefits of Hiring a Freelance Blogger

Hiring a freelance blogger is not only advantageous for the blog site owner but also for the freelancer as well. Instead of waiting for their personal blogs to be launched and then start making money from these blogs (which takes a considerable amount of time, freelance bloggers have the option of paid blogging.

This way their blogging skill is put to great use and compensated well in return. The blog owner also benefits immensely because they do not need to worry about blog writing and quality of posts. All they need to do is shell out the money and then reap the profits later on as the blog soars in popularity.

Qualities of a Good Freelance Blogger

Anybody can do freelance writing, but if you want to shine amongst the rest of your competitors, you need to possess certain skills and qualities.

1)      You should know how to modify your writing style to match the personal style of the blog site owner or of the blog in general.

2)      You must be capable of striking a rapport with your readers

3)      You must be comfortable and proficient in writing blogs for the specified niche or blog topic

4)      You must always strive to excel and be committed to provide the best quality in return for the compensation that your client pays you.

A freelance blogger who possesses all the above qualities is seldom left unrewarded. Many clients start scores of blogs on different niches with an intention of making money from blogging. If such clients find a skilled freelance blogger, chances are they hire them on a long term basis. Such freelance bloggers are never short of work or money and the best part is that they can have fun and enjoy what they are doing and still earn a steady income from it!

Tips to Find Work for Freelance Bloggers

If you are a professional freelance writer and have a passion for blogging, put your abilities to good use. Next time when you surf the web, keep a lookout for blogs that are based on niches that interest you. Read through the previous posts and get an idea of the general style and concept of the blog site and its owner.

If you feel confident enough to write blogs for this site on a long term basis, do not hesitate in clicking the contact button. Get in touch with the blog owner and introduce yourself. Tell them about your blogging skills and interest in doing paid blogging projects on a ghostwriting basis. Leave your contact mail id. Chances are, 6 out of 10 times you will be contacted by the blog owner with an offer to work.

P.S: So what are you waiting for? Start looking for interesting blog niches and get in touch with the blog owners now!

Author: Dr. Kavita

Dr.Kavita is a Professional Blogger, Digital Content Specialist, Digipreneur, Coach, Doctor and a Certified Digital Marketer. Her favorite digital marketing strategy to maximize ROI for her clients is Inbound Marketing. She is the Founder of Blogela.

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