Freelance Writing Tips: 5 Reasons Not to Hate Your Editor

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Any freelance writer, who has had to endure criticisms of an editor, will in all probability, love to hate editors. Today’s post discusses freelance writing tips that point out 5 crucial reasons to rethink about hating your editors.

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Reason # 1- Second Set of Eyes Work Better

No written work should be published unedited; period. Who would want to read a literary work full of spelling and sentence structure errors, missing or incorrect punctuations and wordiness? Despite knowing that editing is one of the most crucial freelance writing tips, there are a huge number of freelancers who do not care a bit about it. Then there are some who make feeble attempts at self editing and come out of these half-hearted attempts with ‘absolutely no errors found’.

That is where a different set of eyes will do the trick. No matter how clean your writing may appear to you, there are at least a handful of errors that remain hidden from your eyes but are glaringly visible to the entire world. Assigning your work to an editor will help in pulling these hidden errors out from the corners and help you present a clean copy and a wonderful reading experience to your readers.

Reason # 2- Editors Are Trained Professionals

Not all of us freelance writers know all the freelance writing tips and rules of writing. That is a fact and we need to face it! Editors are trained professionally to spot mistakes and know what they are doing. Isn’t it better to let the experts do their job, instead of trying to mess up your own reputation and credibility in freelance writing by presenting half-baked self edited copy?

 Reason # 3- Better Copy Means Better Client Feedback

While most of the day to day freelance writing jobs may not involve much of detailed editing and polishing, there are times when your client is quite finicky when it comes to quality. Needless to say; your editor whom you so love to hate will be your best ally in this situation

Reason # 4- Better Writing Means Better Income

If you have been into freelance writing for quite some years, you already know that clients do not have time or intent to edit the work submitted by freelance writers. If you can guarantee delivering edited and clean copy, your clients will have no qualms in paying you a bit more. You can actually negotiate about this point with your client, and show him / her, the benefits of paying you more. I think that such an agreement turns out to be beneficial for both client and writer, because the client saves time and effort while spending a little more and the writer benefits by getting paid more.

Reason # 5- Better Chances for Repeat Projects

If you consistently deliver edited and clean work, your clients will definitely prefer working with you on a long term basis. Repeat projects with same clients is quite comfortable for both parties involved in freelance writing projects, because the writer knows what the client expects from you and so you can easily satisfy him / her. On the other hand, your clients are also comfortable working with you again and again, because they now know that you can be relied upon for quality content.


I have had my share of personal experiences, both as a freelance writer and as a client who gets freelance writing done by outsourcing. So I am better equipped to see both sides of the coin. Based on my experiences as a client, I would definitely recommend using an editor’s services for all of your major freelance writing projects, because investing in an editor definitely brings in more ROI.

Author: Dr. Kavita

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