5 Freelance Writing Tips for Newbies: How to Get Launched

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Freelance writing tips are always welcome, especially for beginners who are just testing the waters. As discussed in my last post on what is freelance writing, the market is extremely competitive.

A newbie freelancer may often get overwhelmed looking at the huge amount of expert freelancers who seem to fill all the freelancing sites that are available on the web. But persistence is the key and of course you have these wonderful freelance writing tips to get you started.

#1 of 5 Freelance Writing Tips -Get Familiar with the Market

The first and foremost thing you must do before launching your freelance career is to get yourself familiarized with the freelance writing market. It would help immensely to find out about the kind of projects that are being requested by clients.

Online writing has many different categories like article writing, content writing, blog writing, report writing, newsletter writing, product review writing, resume writing,  sales writing / copy writing, grant writing, academic writing etc.

At first you may not know the difference between these categories and may not understand the scope of requirements for each category. Don’t worry; all the expert freelancers out there began the same way as you. A simple search on the web will explain things easily.

#2 of 5 Freelance Writing Tips – Select Your Specialty

While expert freelancers often handle almost all of these categories quite easily, it may not be so simple for a newbie freelancer. So take your time and select just one or two categories in the beginning. Collect all information that you can about the requirements, scope and formats of writing these categories.

For example if you are thinking of taking up blog writing, then you should know that blogs are always written in first person and have an informal tone. Similarly content writing requires knowledge of keyword usage, SEO and takes a direct selling approach.

#3 of 5 Freelance Writing Tips for Beginners- Set Up a Portfolio

Experienced freelancers can always depend upon their articles or blogs done for their previous clients but newbies have to create fresh content for this purpose. Depending upon the categories that you have selected, create 2 or 3 samples for each category. Ensure that you put your heart and soul in to writing these sample pieces.

When you present your proposal to your future clients, these samples will double up as advocates of your ability and skill. So put in lots of efforts, time and concentration in setting up your portfolio. Also it is a good idea to write on different topics so that you can display your versatility in handling any kind of topics in the said category.

#4 of 5 Freelance Writing Tips- Create a Professional Resume

If you are not sure about what to include in your resume, just look around the web and you will get a lot of free information, tips and samples to guide you on the right path. You can even take advantage of the free resume templates if you are not sure how to format your resume. Take a look at one of my other blog posts on 7 vital tips to present the perfect resume to get a fair idea.

#5 of 5 Freelance Writing Tips- Register With Freelance Writing Job Sites

There are numerous freelance writing job sites but beware of setting up an account with the first one that you come across. Read reviews and examine the pros and cons before you jump in to register with the site. The most popular freelance internet writing jobs are available on these sites and many of them actually encourage beginners to register for free.

Some of the top sites may require you to pay some monthly, quarterly or annual fees to continue with your registration, but if you ask my opinion I would suggest the free sites first.These are just the baby steps or beginner freelance writing tips. Check back for my next post which will explain about steps to take after registering the account and landing your first freelance writing job.

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