5 Powerful Ways to Get Free Instagram Followers

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Everybody wants to get free Instagram followers because fame is what we all want. Instagram is becoming a fever and motivating instagrammers to showcase their talents, skills, feelings, beauty, fitness ideas and tips, experiences and a million other things that people love to see.

"get free instagram followers"

Wait! Let me ask you something. Have you ever been jealous of someone who has a million Instagram followers and gets to meet and greet popular celebs and is becoming richer and richer day by day just because he or she is famous on Instagram?

Don’t be sad, you also can generate free Instagram followers fast! But just like any other dream, becoming famous isn’t quite easy.

All you have to do is to keep calm and persevere in following these tips to increase instagram followers

#1 Understand your target or goal

You just cannot get up from bed one fine day and say ‘I want to be famous’. It doesn’t work that way. You have to know what you have to do to become famous or I can say more interesting to the Instagrammers. There are numerous ways you can become famous/ engaging to people and get more Instagram followers!

Most of the Instagram Stars are ‘famous’ because they can draw well, are good singers, are good dancers, are good actors, are good body builders or fitness freaks, can play the guitar or piano or violin well, good comedians, have good fashion styles for men and women and many other ways to get people’s attention to towards them by providing them with something what they love or like doing or something that inspires them.

#2 Identify Your Strengths

Before looking at others talents and skills, look into yourself and find out what magical talents you are hiding from yourself and the whole world. That’s right, do the SWOT analysis of your talents and skills. Find out ways to modify it and project it to the world as a newfound talent that people have never seen!

Give yourself ample time and think about something that you are really good at and people love watching you do that. If you can’t think of anything just surf the web for ideas.

Watch videos that motivate or inspire you and do the same until you master that skill. If you really want to be a star, you need to have something special in you for which people would love to invest their valuable time on you and your talents. That’s how you make a difference in people! Create what people want to see, it is a key secret to get Instagram followers!

#3 A Cool Bio

Your bio describes your personality and interests in the best possible way. Make your bio more lively and interesting. You can also include emojis to your bio to make it more energetic.

Create your own hashtags to get followers on Instagram and use them to start a new trend. The more detailed and longer bio you have the better it is for you. Also providing a useful link in your bio can make it more valuable for the potential public.

#4 High Quality Images

If you really want an amazing Instagram profile which looks like a celeb profile to your potential viewers, then you have to use high quality images to grab your viewers attention and make them feel that you are famous and rich.

Bottom line-

Higher the quality of your profile, better the impression. No need to buy instagram followers!

#5 Committed and Consistent

Be consistent. Don’t give up on your work. That’s where you’ll lose. Plan your daily posts before hand. Set a daily goal and post regularly. This will make you more memorable in the minds of your followers. Provide worthy and valuable content to your followers. Give them what they need and understand their mindset and psychology.

Identify the busy hours when your followers are the most active. Yes, post even if it is 2am in the morning for you. Make sure your target audience also receives the post. Putting a variety of relevant hashtags can help you reach out to a larger audience.

Bottom line-

Sacrifice for your followers. Give them your valuable time, so that they give you their valuable time. Provide content that is inspirational, emotional or educational.


Becoming famous on Instagram is what everyone is desiring for today. If you want to be famous, you have to stand out in the crowd and show something valuable and something which is worth investing time for. Instagram is a huge platform and a stage for the young bloods to showcase their unique ideas and skills to entertain the public.

Avoid major mistakes like keeping your profile private, posting duplicate content, following multiple random accounts, irrelevant hashtags, not liking other’s posts.

Try all of the above tips and strategies to become famous on Instagram and analyze the impact you had on your profile. Hope you found this article useful!

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Author: Areesha S

Areesha is only 19 but is an expert in Social Media Marketing. She loves writing on Tech topics too. Watch this space for hot tips and tricks to boost your digital marketing efforts for your online business.

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