7 Tactics to Get Unique Twitter Followers in 2017!

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Gaining followers on Twitter cannot happen overnight. Twitter is a huge network and it take lots of time and energy to achieve success here. You just cannot focus on gaining millions of followers. You need to find true followers that are actually relevant to your niche.

Here are some super awesome tactics for you to increase your unique Twitter followers for your business. These tips will NOT just tell you how to get fresh and unique followers but also how to get followers who are relevant for your niche.

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#1 Build a Clear-cut Twitter Profile

To start with, you will first need to improvise your Twitter profile, which comprises of your Twitter handle, profile picture, your header image and most importantly your bio data. You have to have an attractive profile so that your followers as well as other Twitter users find your profile relevant. Here’s how it should be:

  1. Your Twitter Handle: The more relevant your handle is the more followers you gain. Nobody wants to follow an irrelevant handle. If your name handle is not available, try relating your handle to your business name and make sure that your profile name reflects your brand name. You can also try adding numbers. The character limit on Twitter is 15, so make sure your handle stays within it. The smaller, the better.
  2. Your Profile Picture: Your profile picture should be your brand’s logo. Twitter recommends image size of 400×400 pixels, so that your logo doesn’t stretch out if too small or cut out if too large.
  3. Your Header Image: Your header image is a big space where you can post your brand’s latest offers or showcase some of the best services that you provide or anything you like, in an image. Twitter recommends image size of 1500×500 pixels.
  4. Your Bio: Your bio info is the important information you provide on your Twitter profile. You have to describe your brand or business in this limit of 140 characters using the best words. You have to mention a bit about your business, the services your business renders, etc.
  5. Your location: Mention your location so that people know where they can find you. This is useful if you have your business offline too.
  6. Your Website: Mention your business’s website address. At the end, you want some traffic on your website via Twitter, which is precisely why you are doing all this!


#2 Use Images, Videos, Hashtags & Links

Use good quality high definition images or videos in your tweets to create more engagement. People react faster if you provide them audio-visual information. Yes, that’s kind of a technical term.

Adding images and videos to your tweets create more engagement and as a result people who’ll find you interesting will follow you! GIFs also do great in creating engagement.

Using popular and relevant hashtags in your tweets will bring you the right followers and crowd on your profile, and most probably on your website too.

Post relevant and interesting stuffs into popular hashtags. Don’t bore the crowd.

Tweet interesting links related to your business. Share the really amazing articles written by other people or brands of your niche. People will realize that you are a great source of information and will start to follow you for more updates.

Write some real kick-ass posts so that people find it worth sharing or re-tweeting and your post lasts long on almost all social media grounds you shared.


#3 Ask Questions

Now this is an interesting way to keep your followers engaged. All you have to do is pop a good question which is relevant to your business.

Don’t simply ask a question. Do a bit of research. Search for a question that best suits your niche and also makes your audience engaged.

Let people understand that you are worth a follow! People actually find it fun to answer small questions like this; it’s like a quick quiz.

Rest assured, your follower count will go up in no time.


#4 Create Conversations

Being quiet as a mouse is not going to work. Be that buzzy bee. Social media platforms are called social because they are meant for interactions.

Create conversations with people. This will help create kind of a relationship with you, your followers and even the other potential audience on Twitter.

Use their usernames (handles) in your reply. If you feel you have a positive and valued answer to give, go ahead!

Go ahead and give a link to your blog post if you feel it’s appropriate.

If not the influencers, at least their followers might see or reply to the comments posted on their tweets. So you surely have chances of response.


#5 Follow the Head Honchos

To get noticed by the potential public, follow the big fishes and influencers of your niche. You can also find like-minded users from their activities.

As mentioned above in tip #4, post suitable, valuable comments to the tweets of your industry’s or your niche’s influencers. Also paste your links if necessary.


#6 Curate Content

Curate your content for the best of response. Your followers are always seeking out for new, valuable and essential information for their niche.

If you are going to have the same old classic topics to write on, then you will have no good responses as well as there are increased risks of your follower count going down at a rapid pace; which you in point of fact don’t want.

Give them what they want and they’ll give you what you need i.e. a follow.

Use different styles of writing to make your posts interesting and share worthy.

Use media, as I have already cited in tip #2, like images, videos, GIFs, audios and much more.

Create a podcast channel of your own and link to them in your blog posts if required.

#7 Scrutinize Analytics and Work Accordingly

Have a regular checkup on your Twitter analytics to identify what tactic works best for your business to get you a sea of followers and focus your time and efforts on them.

But remember, some tactics may work only for a while and some work all the time. You will need to consider some factors that affect your follower count and use tactics accordingly.

There are 6 Twitter metrics recommend for you to measure and analyze in order to create better posts and bring you numerous unique Twitter followers.

  1. Impressions over time
  2. Engagement rate
  3. Clicks
  4. Audience interests
  5. Audience country and region
  6. Comparison audience


In Conclusion

To get potential and unique followers on Twitter you will first need to create an attractive profile so that people know that you’re a professional. Use media like images, videos etc to make your posts engaging and so people find you interesting.

Ask questions to people on Twitter via images (which work best), to create engagement and boost followers.

Create conversations with people by replying and commenting on their posts, to build relationships with people.

Follow the leaders of your industry to gain ideas and letting them know you.

Scrutinize your Twitter analytics on a regular basis to identify what tactics work best and hence focus on them to get unique and potential Twitter followers.

In case you are specifically looking for Twitter tips for bloggers, you need to click right here.

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