Guest Blogging: 4 Great Reasons to Guest Blog Other Than Getting Back Links

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Guest blogging is no longer the secret strategy of expert bloggers; every blogger worth his / her blog knows all about it. Most bloggers brag that they know all about guest blogging and the benefits that it will bring to their blog.

But I think you should just disregard their claims. Yeah, I am saying this because most of them are unaware of any benefit other than getting back links from the blog where they send their guest blog post.


# 1 Guest Blogging for Momentum

I do not know about other bloggers, but I would use my guest blog post to attract attention from a wider audience towards my blog. Now this line of thinking should be embraced by all blogs, irrespective of the amount of traffic they get on their home blog. Even if you are getting a million visitors to your blog, I would say that your audience is limited.

Limited not with respect to numbers but limited with respect to the search terms they use to access your blog, niche that your blog represents and factors that you have applied to attract your regular audience.

Guest blogging on another blog will help you break this routine and inject some novelty, some excitement, and add lots of momentum to your blog.

# 2 Guest Blogging for Popularity

Make no bones about it; we all are crazy about the limelight. Even the shyest blogger out there is secretly hoping for a magic bullet to make his / her blog popular. Guest blogging on another blog is a great way to enhance your blog’s popularity. A majority of the readers that read your guest post will make an effort to check your blog out.

But again, that is possible only if you provide killer content on the guest post and put your heart and soul into the guest blogging process.

# 3 Guest Blogging for Basking in Social Media Limelight

Most of the blogs that entertain guest blog posts have extensive arrangements in place for marketing, promoting and popularizing the posts submitted by guest bloggers.

Needless to say the social media spotlight is automatically focused on the guest blogs (and the guest blogger), thanks to this aggressive promotion of guest posts.

Moreover, the readers will also chip in with their contributions by sharing the guest post on social media platforms amidst their groups, friends and contacts. All these combined efforts are going to help your guest post and your home blog to shine in the social media limelight.

# 4 Guest Blogging for Paid Assignments

Many bloggers who have posted excellent guest posts have been pleasantly surprised to receive offers for paid guest blogging.

Many business owners are now recognizing the potential of guest blog posts on other’s blogs. In the last fortnight itself, I have received 5 different assignments for paid guest blogging on behalf of other business owners.

Basically it works like this-I just write a killer guest blog post on whatever topic that my client wants me to write on. The only difference between the regular guest post and a paid guest post is that I include my client’s by-line in the author resource area and provide back links to his / her website.

So whatever benefits that I mentioned above go directly to my client and in return I am paid / compensated for it by my client.


Back links are not the only benefit of guest blogging and every blogger should realize that. I like to consider that back links from the guest post are just a channel to receive all the 4 benefits mentioned here. What has been your experience with guest blogging?

Author: Dr. Kavita

Dr.Kavita is a Professional Blogger, Digital Content Specialist, Digipreneur, Coach, Doctor and a Certified Digital Marketer. Her favorite digital marketing strategy to maximize ROI for her clients is Inbound Marketing. She is the Founder of Blogela.

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