Don’t Stick a Fork In Guest Blogging Yet!

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I received a mail about a week back from the community manager of a reputed blog. To be honest, I was both shocked and surprised because he had actually invited me to guest blog on high profile blog.

In case you are seeking reasons for my shock-n-surprise, I have only one-Matt Cutts. Yep, he is the guy behind my shocked reaction towards this invitation to guest blog.

"guest blogging dont stick fork"

Matt Cutts and Guest Blogging in 2014

Guest blogging seems to be the new word to trigger nightmares for blog owners in 2014. Well, they cannot be blamed. I mean, who wouldn’t get a heart attack if someone like Matt Cutts declares, “guest blogging is dead-stick a fork in it”?

Now you have started wondering why this community manager decided to invite a guest blogger despite such a grave warning issued by Google’s most famous official. To understand that, you will have to read through this post, to the end.

A Bit About Guest Blogging

If you have been blogging for quite some time, chances are you already know about guest blogging. But in case you have just started out, you may not have come across this term yet. Without going into much detail, let me quickly throw some light on it.

Guest blogging is when you write a blog post for a blog owned by somebody else. Bloggers frequently do this and there was even a time (after Panda and Penguin algorithm updates in 2011-2012) when guest blogging was considered the only Google safe way to get back links for your blog. It was the numero uno seo technique that every seo expert would swear by and advocated.

Sadly it is now considered to be the black sheep of the blogging community (thanks to Matt Cutts). But before you can jump to any conclusions, you need to understand the reasons why bloggers spend time and effort in writing for blogs that they do not own.

Why Do Bloggers Guest Post?

The reasons are many, but to be honest, the vast majority (read 85 %) of bloggers are focused ONLY on getting a do-follow link back to their blogs (which in most cases are spammy and low quality).

These are the ones who just rewrite, spin or just string together a couple of sentences (without any grammar, coherency or value) and send it to the host and greedily look towards getting a do-follow link from the reputable blog.

The remaining 15 % are genuine bloggers who are looking for a platform to announce their arrival on the blogosphere. These folks just want exposure to the host blogger’s audience, community and subscribers.

They are looking to build traffic towards their blogs that are still quite new. No wonder that these bloggers will often settle for a no-follow link in return for a high quality guest post.

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