Don’t Stick a Fork In Guest Blogging Yet!

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Back To Matt Cutts’ ‘Stick a Fork’ Comment

Matt Cutts was referring to the spammy kind of guest blogging, when he called bloggers to stick a fork in it. Take a look at this video and you’ll understand the context of his comment.

Bloggers have used and abused the guest blogging technique of building back links to get ahead in the SERP listings. This went on and reached to such an extent that grabbed Google’s attention and they realized the amount of murk building up in the SERP.

Webspam department of Google is focused on making the web a better place for ‘people searching for information’ not for spammers. If you reflect a bit on this, you’ll understand the logic behind Matt’s comment.

I mean, why in the world would anyone want to read such low grade spammy, rewritten stuff on any blog when they click on a SERP result? Why would search engines want to promote such spammy blogs to their users and risk losing their credibility?

Is Guest Blogging Dead Now?

Hmm, the answer is both yes and no. It actually depends on the kind of guest blogging you are currently indulging in. If you belong to the vast majority of bloggers who look upon guest blogging solely as a seo technique, then I am afraid it is really time to get the fork out.

But if you belong to the minority category of genuine bloggers, looking to post only outstanding, high value guest posts, in return for reader interaction, brand building, traffic building etc, then guest blogging still lives for you.

So Now You Know Why Blogs Still Invite Guest Bloggers

Yeah, you figured it out right this time.

This community manager who invited me to guest blog knows that inviting guest bloggers who are credible and trustworthy, have Google authorship and own a small but growing blog with high value content on it, is a good move.

This sort of guest blogging where he sorts out and picks bloggers whom he either knows personally or via their content is still a great way to encourage and support growing bloggers.


Guest blogging is of two types. The first one is the most used and abused kind, where the only aim is to get a do-follow link to build SERP listing. The second one is less used but the safer and sustainable kind, where the aim is to develop attention, audience and traffic towards the guest’s blog.

Google has decided to penalize host blogs that indulge and encourage the spammy kind of guest blogging (which may be done by the host in exchange for money). If you are a blog owner you need not panic and ban ALL guest bloggers on your blog.

Let the genuine and high quality bloggers in and there is no risk to your blog’s SERP listing. If you are a budding blogger, don’t give up on guest blogging yet. You still can find high quality blogs like the one that invited me to guest post, provided you promise to create only high value reader friendly content.

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Author: Dr. Kavita

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