High Bounce Rate of Your Site- How to Evaluate Analytics Data and Find the Culprit

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Bounce rate is an important criterion in measuring the quality, engagement and conversion rate of your site. Despite being so crucial, not many site / blog owners know much about it.

Usually it takes a couple of months after setting up the site, for newbie webmasters to recognize this metric.

What is Bounce Rate of a Site?

"bounce rate of your site"

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who view only a single page on the site or exit from the site in less than 5 seconds of arriving on it. In simple words, if 100 visitors arrived at your site, and 60 of them viewed just 1 page or stayed for less than 5 seconds on your site before rushing to hit the back button and exiting from your site, then your overall site bounce rate is said to be 60 %.

Google Analytics Bounce Rate

If you are using Google Analytics to measure your site’s performance and bounce rate, then you need to be aware of the fact that it does NOT measure the time spent by visitors on your site to calculate bounce rate.

The only criterion used by Google Analytics in measuring bounce rate is number of page views by each visitor. So even if a visitor spends an hour on your site, but clicks the back button without viewing any other page, it counts as a bounce.

What Does Bounce Rate Say about Your Site?

On first impression, it can be said that bounce rate measures the value of your site in the eyes of the visitors. So a higher bounce rate means that your visitors do not find your site to be valuable / interesting and a lower bounce rate means the contrary.

Bounce rate is not that simple to understand. Before you can pass such a sweeping statement about the relation between bounce rate and value of your site, you need to consider many other parameters.

Other Parameters to Be Considered In Bounce Rate

In order to get a proper evaluation of your site’s value, you have to consider some more factors as follows:

1) Sources of traffic

2) Type of site you have

3) The call to action on your landing pages

Sources of Traffic and Bounce Rate

Your site could be getting its free traffic from various sources like search engines, social media sites, email newsletters, guest posts, comments on other blogs, from forums and direct traffic. Then there is the paid traffic received via advertising campaigns as well.

Traffic from Social Media Sites and High Bounce Rate

It is well known that traffic directed to your site from social media sites will typically have a short attention span. Maybe it is because no one really has the time to spend more than a few seconds in skimming through your posts.

Usually people are signed into their social media accounts throughout the day (more so with the advent of the iPhones and smart phones) and majority of the users are

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