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You are an online business owner and you want your biz to succeed. You want more traffic, more leads, more social media followers and of course more sales.  But HOW do you get all of these?

Simple-With Your CONTENT!

“Your content should be the sharpest tool in your marketing arsenal. That is where I can help you. Let me put my 8+ years of content creation and digital marketing expertise to your use.”

Looking for a Digital Content Wizard?

You are in the right place! I help people move their businesses forward by leveraging my content writing and hired blogging services. 2016 marks the completion of 8 successful years of my content creation business.

Who Are My Clients?

All of my clients are online business owners. They sell different kinds of products or sometimes they sell their services online via their websites, blogs, newsletters etc. for which they need high quality, niche oriented, relevant and search engine optimized content.

Many of my clients use my content to resell it at a higher price. A couple of them  run a freelance writing business and the rest manage a SEO agency.

Google Penalties and Business Losses

With the recent spate of penalties by Google that forced a huge number of online businesses to shut down, the need for Google penalty safe content has escalated. You cannot stay in business without spectacular content. But keeping track of the latest Google updates and algorithm changes is a full time activity on its own, which none of the entrepreneurs have time or penchant for.

My expertise involves creating customized content for each of these businesses and clients, while maintaining the quality required by the latest search engine algorithm updates.

If your business needs help in creating content that gets more sales for you, please read through before filling up the form to get a complete idea about my expertise, skill and services offered.

Professional Blogging/ Writing Services

If you need quality articles/reports on any subject written by an expert with your name on it, I am the right person for you. I ensure that your articles / blogs are SEO optimized (compatible with latest Algorithm updates)  for any keyword / keyphrase of your choice. You can post it online with your name in the author section and I will transfer all rights to you.

Guest Blogging for Marketing Your Site / Services

Using a high quality guest blog post helps to boost your subscriber numbers, multiplies your business and establishes your reputation online as a subject matter expert (SME).

Other than getting massive referral traffic from the host sites, you also get leads, employment offers and of course sales by leveraging guest posts on authority and high quality blogs, that are relevant to your niche.

I specialize in writing excellent quality guest posts that my clients post on high PR authority blogs. Scores of online business and website owners have achieved astounding business success using high quality blog posts that I custom created for their business.

Website/ Blog Content and Management

Do you need someone to manage and update your blog with quality content? Someone that you can trust your blog and business with?

Blog management services are currently the second most-ordered among all of my services that clients order, with first place being occupied by digital content creation services.

EBook Writing Services

EBooks have huge potential in getting leads and subscribers for your business blog. Getting an eBook written by an expert and selling it on Amazon or on your own website/ blog is a shrewd revenue generating tactic that majority of the online business owners and authors of Amazon best selling eBooks are doing.

This eBook business is a booming niche of its own and there are many smart folks who generate millions each year from selling eBooks, despite having zero book-writing skills.

Sponsored Reviews For Your Business / Blog

When your brand gets a positive review / a positive mention from a credible business owner/ authority blogger/ influencer, your business gets a powerful boost.

I create reviews about your product / brand highlighting all the positive features to showcase it in a positive light to your buyers/ clients/ audience.


Blog Writing Service Pricing

Pricing is based on various factors like word count, type of content you need, level of research needed, expertise level of information needed, deadline etc. My pricing is affordable and most important of all-I guarantee a good ROI.

Why have you not mailed me yet?  Or are you waiting for your competitor to hire my services before you do? Nah, I am kidding! Let’s seal the deal!

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