Home Based Medical Billing Business-Info about Courses for Medical Billing

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As promised at the end of my previous post on home based medical billing business, here is a sequel with info about courses for medical billing.

For those of who are seriously planning to start a medical billing home based business, it is necessary to be informed about the medical billing and coding course. What topics should your courses for medical billing and coding cover? How do you get access to accredited medical billing and coding online courses?  All these and more have been covered in this post.

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Basic Necessities in Courses for Medical Billing

My previous post on medical billing explained all the functions that are expected of a medical biller. In order to do all of them efficiently, all medical billing and coding courses must cover the introduction to the process of medical billing and the data collection and entry process, essentials of the insurance claims process, creation, editing and fling of records, posting bills, charging the patient  (customers of your client) and also your client etc.


Courses for Medical Billing Must Make You an Expert at Documentation

If you have read my previous post on medical billing you already know about the extent of documentation involved in the home based medical billing business. All courses for medical billing and coding must compulsorily teach the student about the forms involved for each step of the process. There are various forms like patient demographic forms, CMS 1500, ADA and UB92, insurance forms etc.

Also these courses must also train the student to skillfully handle this documentation process without any errors.


Details of Code Usage in Courses for Medical Billing and Coding

A student taking up a medical billing business must be adept at code usage involved in CPT (current procedural technology). Other code that the student needs to be trained in is the ICD code (International classification of disease). In addition to knowing about the codes and its usage, the student should be skilled at reading, deducing and using the CPT and the ICD manuals.


Billing and Insurance Claims

Courses for Medical Billing and Coding should train the student in the billing process that is necessary to make claims from the Insurance service provider. The billing process includes posting of payment (partial, complete and deductible)


Software Usage

The days of paper forms and claims are fast by-gone. Nowadays most of the doctors prefer maintaining electronic data and records. This not only allows for increased convenience and speed in handling the data but also can be more secure.

But in order to be capable of doing this efficiently, the medical biller must be trained at software usage as a part of the courses for medical Billing and coding. The training must necessarily cover the latest versions of the software being used for this purpose.


Additional Training Provided by Good Medical Billing and Coding Courses

Many accredited medical billing and coding online courses provide additional information that is very useful to someone who wants to start a home based medical billing business. This includes the steps and procedures of setting up your business, promoting it and finding clients for your business, tips on writing a good business proposal, info about the current and latest trends in the medical billing business arena etc.


Accredited Medical Billing and Coding Online Courses

It is always better to opt for accredited medical billing and coding online courses because if you don’t do this and opt for the first course that you come across, then the certificate and training that you get would not match the value that you were expecting.

The colleges that provide accredited medical billing and coding online courses have to conform to certain stringent criteria put forth by the national commissions. This makes the certification obtained from these colleges to be more valuable and trustworthy, when you approach potential clients for managing their medical billing accounts.

Since these colleges are subject to scrutiny and inspection each year by the national agencies, the training provided by these colleges is always kept up-to-date and their students are kept abreast of the latest technology and procedures involved in the medical billing business.



In order to start a home based medical billing business you will need to get training and accreditation. This post has described in detail about the points to check for while choosing the best and most appropriate courses for medical billing and coding. Be sure to check for accredited colleges online though.

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