How Blog Marketing Services Fetch More Traffic and Sales for Online Business?

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Any online business owner with a newly launched business website will tell you how tough it is to get traffic initially. No traffic means no sales and no business and no income for the biz owner.

It is a sad fact that new online businesses often spend the first few months and sometimes a few years after launching, waiting for visitors to find their website, but nothing comes through and they neither achieve sales nor accomplish any business.

How Can Online Business Owners Solve This Problem?

If you are an online business owner facing such an acute problem, you can comfort yourself right now because I am going to describe two core solutions and both of them involve directing online traffic towards the business owner’s website.

Solution # 1- Get Free Organic Traffic

The first solution is to get free and organic traffic to your website via the search engines. It goes without saying that effective and legitimate seo (search engine optimization) techniques will form the backbone of this solution.

This takes time and nothing can be achieved overnight. You will have to build great content that is highly optimized for the search engines targeting the right keywords representing your business. You also will need to develop author rank, website authority, high value back links and so many other such factors in order to get this solution work for you in a successful manner.

Needless to say, it is a time consuming process and many things could go wrong in between like Google algorithm updates that change the entire SERP (search engine results page) scenario.

Pros and Cons of Relying on Free Organic Traffic

The general impression is that organic traffic brings in free traffic, but a close look at the actual real life situations, suggest that it is far from being free. Organic traffic can be considered to be 100 % free only if you (the business owner) is doing everything from setting up your site, creating content, handling the seo, submitting the articles to search engines and all the numerous other onsite and offsite seo techniques required to bring in targeted organic traffic.

Even if you are doing everything on your own, you cannot call it entirely free in the true sense, because you will be investing your efforts and time to state the least.

Now when you are devoting your attention and time in attracting the ‘so called free organic traffic’, you are actually wasting your valuable time that could have otherwise been utilized in income generating methods for your business.

And to top it all, everyone admits that time is money and wasted time denotes wasted money.

Only a scant few business owners have adequate time or are trained enough and to single-handedly take charge of content creation and seo optimization, while managing other parts of the business like product development, marketing, customer support and so on.

So it can be safely said that in majority of the online businesses, content creation work gets promptly handed over to the professional writers and the seo work gets handed over to the seo experts. And if you have ever hired professional writers and seo experts, you know that nothing comes cheap and you can definitely anticipate spending at least a few thousand dollars to get the so called free organic traffic.

Even after doing everything right, the chances of all your visitors brought in via free organic traffic converting into paying customers, are pretty slim. So you are back to square one now and find yourself crossing your fingers and waiting for paying customers to turn up at your website.

The only difference is that previously you were waiting for traffic and customers without spending any money and now you have some traffic and a few customers here and there (if you are lucky enough) but at the cost of spending a huge amount of money each month.

Solution # 2-Blog Marketing Services

The second method of funneling traffic towards your site is via utilization of blog marketing services. Blog marketing services use highly focused methods to attract targeted visitors towards their client’s websites. So now suppose a business owner decides to hire a certain company that offers blog marketing services, then this company will suggest various options that fetch traffic to the client’s website. One such company that offers blog marketing services to business owners and blogs and websites is

They have various options like text links, post links, sponsored post and pre-sell pages for the clients to utilize in marketing their site to the general public.

Pros and Cons of Blog Marketing Services

The first advantage with using blog marketing services to generate traffic is that there is no waiting period unlike the free organic traffic method. Even if you hire a seo company to do your SEM (search engine marketing) there is a waiting period of 2-6 months before you can see tangible results.

But when you use a professional blog marketing services for marketing your site, you are placing your links directly on the blogs / sites that have established a steady flow of traffic and have built an authority for themselves. Also, you can personally ensure that the traffic that you get from such sites is targeted traffic. But it will not happen automatically.

Here’s a Sleek Trick for You!

Let me disclose a sleek little trick in funneling targeted traffic from these sites. From the various offers that are on display, choose only those sites and blogs that have two things in common with your website. First of them is the niche and the second is the audience.

If you can pinpoint sites that are already receiving your dream clients, book them and place your pre-sell pages on that site, so that you get a share of their customer pie, minus the wait, risks, high costs and the uncertainty associated with free organic traffic and paid Google ad traffic.


I hope this post has been successful in offering a valuable tip for every online business owner that he / she can apply right away and start reaping both traffic and sales as a result. And yeah, before I forget, let me quickly remind you to check back tomorrow to read the sequel to yesterday’s post on detailed guide to making money with your website / blog.

Author: Dr. Kavita

Dr.Kavita is a Professional Blogger, Digital Content Specialist, Digipreneur, Coach, Doctor and a Certified Digital Marketer. Her favorite digital marketing strategy to maximize ROI for her clients is Inbound Marketing. She is the Founder of Blogela.

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