How Sponsored Reviews Benefit Business Owners

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I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t imagine buying anything without checking out a review first. Well, you may label me as being paranoid.

But there also could be millions of other paranoid buyers like me in the cyberspace, who are desperate to read reviews before they get their credit cards out of their wallets.

What are Reviews?

I am sure you already know what a review is. But bear with me, while I explain a few important things about reviews to others who are not so familiar with it yet.

Reviews of a product can be understood better as a personal opinion of a customer who has used the product. As the opinion is personal, the review could be good, bad or neutral. A good review obviously has come from a happy and satisfied customer, and a bad review from someone who is not as happy.

Neutral reviews could mean many things like for example; I have used the product and got what I expected. Or maybe I have just started using the product, and it’s quite early to say how I feel about it.

Are Reviews Really That Simple?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but reviews aren’t always that simple. Well, they may have been simple about a hundred years ago. But now we are in the 21st century, right? Now, things are not always what they seem and reviews are not always what they claim to be.

A good review could come from a satisfied customer, who is genuinely happy about the product. Or it could also be coming from someone who has not even seen the product ever in his / her lifetime but is happy nevertheless because of the compensation received to publish a good review.

Similarly, a bad review could be from customer who got a bad taste in the mouth after using your wretched product or maybe he / she was just paid to ahem…bitch about your product by your competitor.

How to Get Honest Reviews?

"honest reviews"

Yeah, that’s a question that keeps bugging me when I search for reviews about products that I intend to buy. I really would hate to be tricked into buying a product that had 500 positive reviews, but failed to deliver any results after using it.

But, thankfully the business owners are not fixated on buying paid positive reviews anymore. That is because they have now realized how futile it is to pay people to write awesome reviews about their products, if their products are really not that great.

Blame it on Facebook and Twitter; nowadays nothing can be kept a secret. This is especially true with products, because every customer now is ready to bash up any product online on these social media sites, that did not live up to the expectations. Sounds scary to be trashed up and these real reviews remain online for billions of people to see.

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Author: Dr. Kavita

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