Get More Sales for Your Online Business and Jump Out of the Slump

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Starting an online business is easy; it is the maintenance that often gets tough. Business owners usually find themselves in a slump sooner or later and it feels like a struggle to keep going.

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Is Your Online Business Going Through a Low Phase?

If you have the same problem as well, let me assure you about one thing. It is perfectly normal to encounter a business slump and it happens to all other entrepreneurs (irrespective of the size of their current business). It is not the lack of challenges that make businesses successful; rather it is the determined effort to overcome them that does the trick.

How Can a Business Owner Overcome Challenges?

It really does not matter if your business is online / offline, because some of the basic rules are common to both. Speaking of overcoming challenges, the 1st and the most important step lies in pinpointing the exact reason behind the inertia in your business.

Common Reasons Behind Sales Slump in Every Business

There are a bunch of commonly encountered reasons that contribute towards inertia in sales for every online business. Here is a list for quick reference:

1) Lack of traffic to your business website

2) Lack of useful / attention grabbing products

3) Lack of creative marketing ideas

4) Lack of conversion

5) Lack of after sales support

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What Next?

Okay, now that you have your list ready, you have got almost 30 % of the work done. Now you must pinpoint the exact reason that is affecting your business. Once you do that you have accomplished totally 80 % of the work and the remaining 20 % work entails finding effective solutions to your specific problem/s.

I have dealt with each kind of problem and its effective solutions separately below and I genuinely hope to be of help to you in rejuvenating your business sales back again.

How to Boost Traffic to Your Online Business?

The first and foremost step to online business success is ensuring heavy, qualified and constant traffic to your business blog / website / ecommerce store.

Before you jump on to read about all the ways to boost traffic, stop and ponder a bit over the previous sentence. I am sure that all of us understand what terms heavy and constant mean, but what exactly constitutes qualified traffic in online business?

What is Qualified Traffic for Online Businesses?

To simplify this, you need to understand that online sites/ blogs typically receive a hoard of traffic from various sources. Not all of them are qualified traffic.

The answer to what qualified traffic means depends on the action that you want your online visitors to take after reaching your site / online store / blog.

So if your aim is to sell products to your visitors, then qualified traffic for you means those that BUY from you.

If your aim is to get more adsense revenue, then qualified traffic for you are those that get you more views and CLICKS on the Google ads.

If your aim is to get online fame, then qualified traffic for you means those that actively engage in comments and SHARE your posts on social media.

If you want more affiliate sales, then qualified traffic for you denote those visitors who click on your affiliate link and buy via your link.

Getting Qualified Traffic via Various Sources

Now that you know what the term ‘qualified traffic’ actually means, you should use different tactics to get them.

If you want qualified traffic for your ecommerce / online store, maybe paid traffic will work best for you, because you can advertise the exact keywords to your product.

If you want more adsense revenue, then you should use more of the free organic traffic via SEO and optimization of keywords in your blog posts.

If you want more qualified traffic for affiliate sales, you probably should aim to write detailed and high quality reviews of the affiliate product and also aim to get them ranked in the search engines.

Author: Dr. Kavita

Dr.Kavita is a Professional Blogger, Digital Content Specialist, Digipreneur, Coach, Doctor and a Certified Digital Marketer. Her favorite digital marketing strategy to maximize ROI for her clients is Inbound Marketing. She is the Founder of Blogela.

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