Get More Sales for Your Online Business and Jump Out of the Slump

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Understanding the value of having a quality product is as simple as ABC. Why would anyone care to buy crap from you? Your business could be selling physical products / digital products / information. Whatever you sell, make sure that the product lives up to the promised expectations and is fairly priced depending upon the value that it contributes to your customers.

Even if you are just aiming at getting more adsense revenue, make sure that your blog posts are of high value and unique. Nobody will visit your blog if your content is crappy.

How to Market Your Online Business?

Very soon, I intend to create an entire post dedicated to this topic, but for now let us just deal with the basic outlines. It is obvious that whatever marketing strategies you are currently using are not adequate / good enough to boost your online business and that is the reason for your sales slump, right?

So, try something different from today. If you have already used SEO and are tired of getting zero results, why not try social media or vice versa? Have you dabbled at email marketing?

Do you have a Facebook marketing strategy? If not, then why not? Rack your brains and let your creative ideas come flowing out.

If your brain refuses to budge, it is best to hire a marketing professional and let him / her do the dirty work.

How to Convert Visits to Sales?

Oh again, this is another title that deserves a detailed post. So, you need to keep checking back often to see the latest updates on my blog. Anyways, the basic steps are to ensure that you have a good copy and have made the buying process easier for your visitors.

Don’t hide the link to the e-commerce store in the dark realms of your site. Make the product image / link to the sales page quite prominent so that visitors see it right away on reaching your site.

How to Offer Best After Sales Support?

Hmm, to sum it up all in one sentence- just learn to be nice, okay? Most of the businesses lose repeat customers / repeat sales because of their arrogant / don’t care attitude towards their customers.

You need to stop using your clients like some paycheck. Your transaction should not end with the client’s money reaching your PayPal account.

You got to extend genuine concern and support for any of the after sales problems that your clients may have. Maybe a simple gesture like offering a clear link to a ‘contact us page’ would do the trick.

But do not ignore the mail that comes in through the ‘contact us’ page. Be as quick as possible in fixing the issues for your clients, before they get the opportunity to complain and go online to maul the reputation of your business.


An online business is easy to launch, but maybe a little tougher to maintain over the long run, when compared to an offline business. But the golden tips mentioned in this post should get your business out of the rut and boost sales in a matter of no time.

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Author: Dr. Kavita

Dr.Kavita is a Professional Blogger, Digital Content Specialist, Digipreneur, Coach, Doctor and a Certified Digital Marketer. Her favorite digital marketing strategy to maximize ROI for her clients is Inbound Marketing. She is the Founder of Blogela.

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