How to Conduct Webinars and Take Blogging to the Next Level?

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Many of us have attended seminars, at some point in our lives, haven’t we? Well, I am not sure about you, but I simply love these seminars. They are not only a very power packed medium to learn new things but also provide an ideal platform for vibrant interactive communications.

Nowadays I Rarely Attend Seminars

But of late I have been attending less and less of seminars. Wondering why? Well, to be honest I have less and less of time on my hands and fitting in a seminar into my schedule seems quite overwhelming for me. It’s not just the time taken for the seminar that worries me.

I need to reschedule all activities for the entire day because most of the seminars are arranged at special venues where they can comfortably fit in 1000s of people together and not all of these spots are close to home.

 I have to take out time for travel, book tickets, pay for travel expenses and if the seminar is out of town I need to pay for hotel stay as well, not to mention the airfare.

What are Webinars?

But just because I do not attend seminars any more does not in any way imply that I am losing out on all that valuable information and training. I simply prefer attending webinars. Webinars are seminars conducted on the web / online seminars.

Webinars are not only cheaper and time saving but also very comfortable to attend. I can join in even if I am chilling out on my sofa with the webinar host who is conducting his / her webinar from a place located thousands of miles away, on a place opposite to my location on the globe.

What Is The Relation Between Blogging And Webinars?

Hmm, a lot actually! There is a deep relation between blogging and webinars. If you are a newbie blogger you need to learn the ropes of the blogging business from other bloggers who have been doing this for some time and are now expert and professional bloggers.

You might have already bookmarked some of the professional bloggers as your mentors as well. Professional bloggers keep themselves abreast of the latest technological developments and that is why more and more of them are opting for webinars as their teaching medium.

If you are on the subscriber list of any of the professional bloggers, you might have already received a couple of emails from them informing you of their upcoming free webinar discussing some or the other topic that is relevant to their niche.

In this day and age where everyone prefers living out a major part of their (if not entire) lives online, it always makes sense to stay updated about features like webinars.

What is GoToWebinar?

GoToWebinar is an online program that helps setting up webinars at the click of your mouse. Bloggers, online entrepreneurs, trainers, marketers and everyone who is interested in conducting a webinar can set it up within minutes, even with minimum or ZERO technical knowledge.

GoToWebinar Free 30 Day Trial

GoToWebinar has simplified the process of arranging, setting up and conducting webinars and if your business calls for arranging a lot of seminars, then you must take advantage of this wonderful automated webinar software.

How Does GoToWebinar Work?

The process is very simple and all you need to do is sign up for this program. As soon as you do that, you can update your GoToWebinar account with details of your webinar like date, time, and topic to be covered and so on.

The program will then automatically send out invitations to email addresses of all the people that you wish to be in attendance. The mail will not only include details of the webinar, but also a form to register attendance.

That is not all. GoToWebinar will then send out 3 different reminders to all the invitees. The first reminder is scheduled to be sent exactly 1 week before the webinar, the second reminder will be sent 1 day before the webinar and the last and final reminder will be sent 1 hour before the event.

See, how convenient it gets for the blogger / business owner who is conducting the webinar? Both the webinar host and the invitees can leave everything to the automated process of GoToWebinar and there is absolutely no hassles or worries for anyone.

Special Features of GoToWebinar

All features of this program are remarkable and I would like to describe the features for the webinar hosts and features for the attendees, separately for better clarity.

Suppose you are hosting the webinar. You can conveniently arrange a live audio / video webinar for your attendees. Some of the first timers are very camera conscious or nervous before conducting their 1st webinar. GoToWebinar understands this problem very well and has built in a feature to support mock-up webinars before the actual event, so that the host can practice well before facing the live audience.

GoToWebinar Free Trial

Other great features included in this program are toll-based phone facility and VoIP audio conferencing facility. You can also allow your attendees to remotely view your desktop, in case you want to put up a demo or display some files that are saved on your desktop.

The features for your attendees are also mind blowing. They can not only interact with you through the toll-free numbers but also via chat box / audio during the webinars. All attendees can actively take part in any online polls that you host during the webinars, raise their hands to ask doubts when the webinar is in process and so on. Both Mac and PC users can enjoy all these features.

Risk Proof and Secure Transactions

Approximately 4.5 billion minutes of port connectivity are hosted on GoToWebinar each year, which in itself is a proof of the high security facilities of GoToWebinar program.  All transactions are managed via SSL encrypted website with end-to-end 128-bit AES encryption to assure highest security.

How Much Will GoToWebinar Cost You?

GoToWebinar is specifically designed keeping all kinds of users in mind. Some members are small sized / moderate users and need just 100 attendees each month, while some other members may be very heavy users and need arrangements for 1000 webinar attendees each month. Small and moderate users can sign up for just $ 99 / month, and heavy users can find extremely affordable pricing at just $ 499 / month.

If you choose a yearly subscription, you can save a whopping 21 % on the charges. If you are still not convinced about the huge discount and savings, then here is the mother of all discounts. Try GoToWebinar free for 30 days!

My Verdict about GoToWebinar

Conducting a webinar is the most convenient way to arrange your training classes or demonstrations. What every webinar host expects and desires to have is a full house webinar. Considering how convenient it is to arrange and attend webinars with GoToWebinar, it can safely be said to guarantee full house webinars every time.

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Author: Dr. Kavita

Dr.Kavita is a Professional Blogger, Digital Content Specialist, Digipreneur, Coach, Doctor and a Certified Digital Marketer. Her favorite digital marketing strategy to maximize ROI for her clients is Inbound Marketing. She is the Founder of Blogela.

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