How to Make Money as a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

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Before you make money as a VA, you will need a quick description of what a virtual assistant does. A virtual assistant is a self-employed entrepreneur that offers certain services. These services could be professional, technical, administrative or creative assistance to interested employers on a contract basis.

Usually they work for businesses that are not yet big, like real estate agents, brokers and business groups that are involved in consultations.

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Types of Service Provided By a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant can transcribe voice messages that were recorded on your phone and then email them to you. They can unsubscribe you from pesky mailing lists that just won’t stop.

They can work as virtual administrative assistant, help in accounting and bookkeeping, double up as a virtual legal assistant / real estate virtual assistant / virtual research assistant / virtual office assistant/ transcription virtual assistant, do website design, write articles for your website, fix appointments with your customers, deal with customer problems on phone and many more things.

Various Levels of Virtual Assistants

Depending upon their qualifications or skills, VAs can be classified in to 3 major categories. The entry level virtual assistants are best suited for clients who require basic and simple tasks done by them. Usually such VAs have a good grasp over the English language, possess good communication abilities, are quick to understand new tasks and do them responsibly.

A mid-level virtual assistant is obviously more skilled than an entry level VA and usually possesses some kind of specific skill in addition to the basic skills mentioned above. Usual skills are computer based, telephone based, office based etc.

A top level virtual assistant is the best skilled of all VAs. Such individuals not only possess basic skills of entry level VAs, but also are endowed with excellent computer skills in addition to a professional qualification in some of the niches like law, business administration, trouble shooting, finance, health care, etc.

How Can Virtual Assistants Start to Make Money?

No matter what level of skills you possess, they cannot make money for you unless you start advertising about them. You will have to tell the world that you are ready to offer your skills on hire on a contract basis, only then can you expect to find clients to come looking for you.

If you are just starting out, you can advertise your skills is by registering on freelance job sites. Such sites provide a meeting ground for the clients and the providers and can be considered as an online career market. But let me give you some practical and down to earth advice here.

The rates offered to virtual office assistants may not be so good here, but it often pays to work for less at first. Less rates attract more clients and more work, and you can build your portfolio of projects faster.

What Should Virtual Assistants Do to Make More Money?

Every profession has a beginner and a professional level of employees and it goes without saying that beginners earn lesser than the professional ones.

If you want to make more money as a virtual office assistant, you need to ask yourself, “Why do professionals get paid more?” Well, the answer is obvious- they have more experience and expertise, and are prone to make fewer mistakes.

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