How to Make Money Off Domain Names While You Sleep

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‘’ sells for $ 16 million earning itself the credit of being the most expensive domain name sale in the history of the internet. Many of you who read this news might have wondered how to make money off domain names.

Well, here is your free guide on making money off domain names and once you master the tricks you can look forward to an excellent passive source of income.

What are Domain Names?

Before we go into details of making money from domain names, we ought to make sure that everyone reading this post understands what a domain name is.

In simple terms, domain name is the name of any website / blog and is the address at which your site / blog can be located on the World Wide Web. It usually consists of two parts, the top level domain (TLD) and the second level domain.

TLD is the extension that comes after the dot, for example .com, .info, .org. net etc. The second level domain is the name that precedes the dot and comes after the www for example; my second level domain is Blogela, while my TLD is .com. But some times a second level hierarchy is added to the TLD in special cases like a college in UK would use, or a company would use

What Can You Do with Domain Names?

That’s a great question. You can do so many things with a domain name. Majority of the domain name owners buy it to start a  blog / website of their own. There are other people who invest in domain names with an intention of earning an income from it. Some of the options to make money off domain names are domain parking, domain flipping, domain development and of course aged domain sale.

Parking Domain Names

Have you noticed how you get redirected to a site full of links when you type in something in your search engine browser? Well, these sites are parked domains and they earn money whenever search engine users land on their site and click on the links to find what they want.

I must admit that parking domains is no longer profitable as it used to be, because of various reasons and changes that the web has witnessed lately.

At the most expect to earn in cents and pennies, for each site, not more than that. There are certain domain owners who buy domain names in bulk for rates as low as $ 0.88 and then choose to park all of them. Such folks claim to make hundreds of dollars collectively from all of their parked domains together.

Domain Flipping

Flipping domains is quite profitable especially when you consider the small amount of investment (both in terms of money and time) that is required to start this business of making money from domain names. Many reputable sites are devoted to buying and sale of domain names and the most popular sites that help in carrying out such transactions are,,, etc.

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