How to Make Money Online with Amazon Affiliate Program- Blogger Blueprint

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I am glad that this post fulfills my promise about creating a detailed post on how to make money with Amazon Affiliate program. Let me warn you that if you are the sort of person who gets bored by details, then this post might turn out to be a bit hard on you.

Because I am not going to hold anything back in this blog post  guidebook blueprint on how to make money online with Amazon affiliate program. I intend to detail the nitty gritty and take you on a hand held visual tour of the entire process of making money with Amazon Affiliate program using your blog.

Why Should Bloggers Love the Amazon Affiliate Program?

I personally feel that EVERY blogger, (yeah you read that right) should try their hands at the Amazon Affiliate Program. Let me tell you why. Amazon is the world leader in online retail and there is nothing that you cannot find on their marketplace.

In other words, you can doubtlessly find products to sell, no matter whatever your niche. Even if your blog is a micro niche based blog that has a just a few thousands or even if it merely has a few hundreds of audience worldwide, you will definitely find products related to that niche on Amazon like eBooks, CDs or magazines or tools.

Why Amazon Affiliate Program Is the King?

I am of the opinion that no other affiliate program can match the versatility of Amazon Affiliate Program. This is true not just because of the variety in products available, but also because no other company can match the popularity and familiarity of Amazon, among the masses.

And add to that the utter ease in integration of these products to your blog / website.

Why Many Bloggers Don’t Use Amazon Affiliate Program?

The topmost reason that they say is that the commissions are not that high. But, I think that is just a dumb excuse. Okay, use your brains to calculate which program yields better and makes more money.

Suppose Amazon Affiliate Program has around 10 main products and 20 related products that you could sell for a commission on your blog. All the 30 products are very cheaply priced and the commission that you earn is between 4 and 8 %.

And now there is another affiliate network that is super focused on your niche, but has just 1 product to sell. This product is pretty high priced but earns 50 % commission for you.

It is common sense to understand that because of the variety and cheap prices, there will be more sales on a regular and consistent basis for Amazon products, while the other product may sell sporadically and rarely owing to the high prices.

How to Make Money Online with Amazon Affiliate Program- Step I

The first step to begin making money online with Amazon Affiliate Program is quite obvious. You need to have a platform where you can post your Amazon affiliate links. Now if you ask my opinion, I think the smoothest manner to get this done is to start your own blog or website.

If you are still a newbie to all of this making money online business, do not press your panic button yet. I have several detailed posts here on my blog for beginners and newbies that explain each and every step involved in going from NO blog to your OWN blog.

How to Make Money Online with Amazon Affiliate Program- Step II

Okay, once you set up your blog or already have a blog / website up and running, then you will need to make a list of keywords. These keywords will be closely related to your niche or topics of your blog.

Make sure to have a handy list here. These keywords will help you search for products on Amazon. Now type in one keyword of the list and wait for the results to display. Once the search results are displayed, you can choose as many of the top selling products as you want to sell on your website / blog.


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