How to Make Money Online with Amazon Affiliate Program- Blogger Blueprint

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How to Make Money Online with Amazon Affiliate Program- Step III

Now for each of the product that you finally choose from the search results, you will have to click on the top of the page, which has a button called “link to this page”. Doing so will bring you to a new page with options of text display, image display and text + image display.

When you choose this, your customized affiliate code will be generated for your use. But in case you decide to use text link, then you will have to change the input to suit the words of your blog post, so that the code generated reflects those exact words and not the default ones produced by Amazon.

But to be honest, this is a very TIME CONSUMING and exasperating job, especially when you want to display a lot of products and have a long list of keywords. Because then, for each of the keywords you need, you will have to conduct the search and all the process detailed above to finally get ALL your affiliate codes within the image or text code.

Is There a Way Out of This Hell?

Of course! I am going to share all secrets with you today. I have made my life a lot easier by using this brilliant and light little plugin called Magic Azon, which can be uploaded to your blog dashboard. What this handy little plugin does is that it sits right in your blog dashboard and has a neat little search button like you can see below.

You simply have to fill in your Amazon affiliate tracking id ONCE in the settings and Voila! You can simply search for keyword (or ASIN number of the product) and all related products will show up in your dashboard.

"make money with amazon"

You only have to choose the products and a single click on image or text button and the affiliate code is generated right in your blog dashboard without having to even login to Amazon.

You do NOT have to copy and paste the code into your blog posts again. Just click on the preferred option (image / text / image and text) and the code will be added AUTOMATICALLY into your blog post. You can click once with your mouse on the exact location in your post and then click on the code and it will be added right at that place.

Why You Should Buy MagicAzon Plugin?

Unless you have a super plugin like MagicAzon, it is NOT possible for you or any blogger to make money with Amazon Affiliate program and earn any decent amount from it.

The manual process is simply tedious and horribly time consuming. But with this plugin, you can stick to doing what you do best, i.e blogging and leave the boring work to the plugin.

"magic azon"

How I Use Magic Azon To Make Money from Amazon Affiliate Program?

I have found this plugin to be extremely useful and it has actually helped me widen the possibilities of using the Amazon Affiliate Program to make money. Before this plugin, I used to restrict myself as to the number of products, because I did not have so much time as to keep going through the entire process for more than 5/ 7 keywords at the most.

But now, since I purchased this plugin, I am free to advertise a different product/s according to the keyword of the article I am creating. This has opened up a lot of possibilities and avenues for making money that were otherwise not available to me.

I am sure that the people who think that it is not possible to make money from Amazon Affiliate Program are actually denying themselves of a great amount of money, simply because they are not yet aware of such a useful plugin.

But then it takes great business sense to understand that spending a meager amount of $ 6 $3 (NOW GET 50 % DISCOUNT BY SOCIAL SHARING) in order to open up avenues for making hoards of money later on is actually a very wise move.

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