How to Make Money with Public Speaking?

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Public speaking is not included among the commonly suggested ways to make money.  This may be because there is a common misconception that a public speaker needs certain inborn abilities.

Well, if you ask my opinion, a public speaker needs no more inborn abilities than the ability to speak and communicate. All the remaining abilities like speaking with confidence, skill and influence can all be learnt.

What is Public Speaking?

Public speaking is the art of speaking to a large group of people on any topic with the aim of entertaining the audience, passing on useful information to them or to motivate them.

"make money with public speaking"

Not every public speaker earns money for speaking in public. For example, politicians make a public speech but are not doing it for money.

Since today’s post is focused on making money with public speaking, we will concentrate only on the professional public speakers who have taken up this skill as their primary source of income and are pursuing it as a full-fledged career.


What are the Different Types of Public Speaking?

A public speaker can be classified in to various categories based upon his / her situation, style and topics of speaking. Here is a broad classification:

1) Ceremonial Speaking

2) Keynote Speaking

3) Educational Speaking

4) Speaking for Entertainment

5) Expert Speaking

Make Money with Ceremonial Speaking

There are a variety of ceremonies that people conduct in their day to day lives. While not all of them call for a public speech, some occasions like a wedding, graduation, funeral etc may necessitate the presence of a professional public speaker. This is the commonest way by which most of the professional speakers make money, because it does not need any expert knowledge on any particular topic or any other skill except the ability to hold the public attention.

Make Money with Keynote Speaking

Keynote speaking needs some amount of skill and knowledge about the audience or the event that is being conducted. Keynote speaking is of many different sub-types as described below:

1) Motivational Speaking

2) Persuasive Speaking

3) Descriptive Speaking

Basically, the role of a keynote speaker is to hold the attention of the audience and keep them enthralled for the entire duration of the speech.

Motivational Speaking

Motivational speakers are supposed to inspire, motivate and encourage their audience to take some kind of specific action. Their audience may be made of students, young adults, professionals, and people dealing with addictions or some kind of emotional issues. Motivational speakers are in great demand and can make money by taking on offers from a variety of clients. CLICK TO CONTINUE ON NEXT PAGE

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