How to Use URL Shortener to Make Blogging Easier?

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Today I have a confession to make. I had an ugly past. Before you jump to ugly conclusions, let me tell you that I am referring to my ugly blogging past :). Yeah, I am referring to my old blogging days without the use of URL shortener.

Blogging Without Bit.Ly URL Shortener

Blogging has been quite a journey in my life and I am not scared to admit that I was not perfect at the beginning (or even now). But I have always been open to new and constructive ideas and never even once have hesitated to adapt my blogging to keep it updated with current trends.

Sharing links to my posts with my friends and acquaintances on all the social media profiles was a regular habit for me. I knew what an URL shortener did and was well aware of URL shortener services like, but honestly speaking I never bothered to find out how it would help in making my blogging easier. Maybe that was because I never had the chance to view my shared links (without the URL shortener).

Then one day, I happened to check out my Twitter profile and while browsing through the tweets I had shared with my followers, it suddenly dawned upon me that I was making a terrible mistake. I really did not like the way my links looked. Eww, the links looked quite long, ugly and took up quite a lot of space. And they were not only ugly to look at but uninviting and no one would want to click on them.

That was when I decided to sign up for a good URL shortener service and after some research on the web, found as a highly recommended and free service for shortening ugly URLs.

Why I Chose

When I reviewed, I found that this was a brilliant service because it not only helped me to shorten my long links but also extended a host of other features, all of which boosted my blogging efforts immensely.

Here is a list of the awesome features:

1) Create Your Bitmarks

If you are wondering what bitmarks are, they are the shortened version of your links. When you save the link to your post on you get it automatically converted into bitmarks, which consist of a title and the shortened link.

2) Create Your Own Profile

You can create a profile on with the help of your Twitter / Facebook account details. Having a profile means having convenient access to all of your bitmarks. Once you start using on a regular basis, chances are that you may accumulate a lot of bitmarks. You can easily find the bitmark that you saved previously by typing in the keywords into the search bar.

3) Share Your Bitmarks on Social Media Sites

Why did you initially want to convert all your ugly and lengthy links to bitmarks? In order to conveniently share them on your social media sites, right? The best part about is that you need not waste time in copying the shortened link and then login to your social media accounts to share them with your friends / followers.

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