How to Use Internet Marketing Strategies for Your New Blog?

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When I mention internet marketing strategies for blogs, the commonest reaction that I have witnessed from newbe or beginner bloggers  is a weird mixture of ignorance, aversion, fear and disinterest.

I find this very strange because I strongly believe that no matter what kind of online business you engage in, you should be aware of the marketing part as well.

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Why Do You Need Internet Marketing Strategies?

I think this aversion and fear towards internet marketing is because majority of these bloggers do not think it is necessary to market their blog.

They seem to think that marketing is best left to the affiliate marketers and small business owners who are selling some stuff on their ecommerce sites.

Blog marketing is necessary or how do you suppose that internet users are going to find you among the billions of blogs in the blogosphere?

It is but natural to get a bit alarmed when you hear the words marketing and strategies together, but believe me; it’s really not that tough. Just read thru’ the entire post and I promise you will upgrade yourself from newbie to a professional blog marketer by the time you finish.

Internet Marketing Strategies that Bloggers Already Use

Despite the fear and aversion, almost all bloggers are using some of the internet marketing strategies, each day of their blogging life.

Don’t believe me? Wait until I start listing them out and you will say, “Oh this is something that I routinely do, but did not know that it’s a kind of blog marketing”.

Have you ever created an account with any of the article directories and submitted your articles with a link in the resource box pointing towards your blog?

Well, that is step 1 of blog marketing and you already are a master at this, aren’t you? See what I meant by saying that bloggers use many internet marketing strategies unknowingly?

Comment Strategy as a Part of Blog Marketing

Okay let’s get a bit honest here. How many of you have a list of popular blogs that use Commentluv plugin and visit each of these blogs with the sole intention of leaving a link to your recent post on those blogs?

Well, this is another one of those internet marketing strategies that you thought you did not know anything of.

When people see your comments they can also see the link to your most recent post. If this post has an interesting title or if it deals with something of importance, you can expect them to visit your blog via that link.

Contests Giveaways and Challenges for Blog Marketing

Even if you are a newbie blogger who has been blogging only for the last 7 days, you must be aware of at least 2 blogging contests or some blog which is organizing a giveaway in return for commenting or for submitting a good quality post.

What are these contests and prizes arranged for?

What is the actual intention behind such generousness displayed by the blog owners? The answer is quite simple; they are using the best of the internet marketing strategies for marketing their blog.

Imagine the traffic and visits that such blogs will receive from newbie / beginner bloggers who are desperate to achieve fame (even if it is just for a single day) among their peers and other bloggers in the community.

And who knows, may be a couple of these visitors might actually look around your blog and if they like your posts and style of writing, they might even go onto click the subscribe buttons and later on become your loyal audience as well.

Guest Posting for Blog Marketing

There is no other intention in posting a guest blog post on another blog rather than marketing your newly set up blog to the readers of the host blog.

By creating a good quality guest post, you are trying to encourage and entice the readers of the host blog to come and visit your blog for more posts. If you want this to happen, you must surely give all your best in creating a high value, high quality guest post.

This is not only a good blog marketing strategy but also helps to boost your Google page rank as well (but this is possible only if the host blog also relates to your niche and it has a higher PR and provides a ‘dofollow’ backlink to your blog).


There is no point in ignoring or hating things that we don’t understand or comprehend. I am a person who strongly encourages knowledge and I am a staunch believer of the theory that knowledge empowers people.

At the outset, when you have just set up your new blog or an online business, some terms and methodologies may seem complex and tough to crack.

Instead of running away from such things, it is better to discipline yourself to spend some efforts in learning all about it.

Just like you and every other blogger who has been using many internet marketing strategies without even realizing, you might also be capable of learning so many new things but you do not realize it yet.

Author: Dr. Kavita

Dr.Kavita is a Professional Blogger, Digital Content Specialist, Digipreneur, Coach, Doctor and a Certified Digital Marketer. Her favorite digital marketing strategy to maximize ROI for her clients is Inbound Marketing. She is the Founder of Blogela.

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