How to Write a Cover Letter Resume that Employers Cannot Reject

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Most jobseekers have trouble succeeding at job applications. They fail to get their dream jobs because they lack an impressive cover letter resume. An applicant for a job must always remember that it is an essential tool to catch an employer’s attention.  Here are some guidelines on how to make a cover letter resume that will help you land your dream job.

1.  Understand the Job Specs

 Before you write your cover letter resume, be sure that you fully understand the job you are applying for. Read the job description not once but thrice and also do some amount of research regarding the hiring company/employer. Make sure that your cover letter resume includes all the info / details that the job specification demands.


2. Assess Your Strengths and Skills

 If you already have an idea about the job responsibilities that come with the position that you are applying, now is the time to assess yourself. Know your strengths and skills that can be highlighted on your resume. Employers pay attention to applicants who possess the ability to do the job better than others who have applied along with you.

3.  Browse and Read Examples

 It will be very useful to read and look for different samples of cover letter resume. These will serve as guiding tools on how you can make one for yourself. The best part if that there are many sites that offer samples without charging any fee whatsoever.

4. Choose the Contents Diligently

Hiring employers are not fascinated by your hobbies, favorites, or personal interests. Discuss your potentials for the job. Be specific with what you write. Your cover letter resume indicates the specific job you are applying for.

Emphasize your selling points, like skills and abilities, which concentrate on the needs of an employer. Include possible contributions as a future employee. Provide correct and latest contact details. Make it sure that you specify your availability just in case an employer is interested to give you an interview.

5. Use Formal Format, Layout, and Style

The way your cover letter resume is presented has a huge impact on the hiring managers / employers. It should be easy to read, professionally appropriate and overall pleasant to the eye. To ensure all these 3 points, make use of professional fonts and layouts.

Check and double-check for any spelling or factual errors. An error-free cover letter resume gives a positive impression about you and the hiring manager senses that you are someone who pays attention to details.

6. Make Your Cover Letter Resume Scannable


Is Your Cover Letter Irresistible

Avoid long sentences and delete paragraphs that are not necessary. Remember that you are not the only applicant and there are hundreds / thousands of other cover letter resumes that the hiring manager needs to look at.

So make sure that your cover letter is scannable in about 10-20 seconds, because that is the average time that hiring managers spend in reviewing / reading a resume.

7. Know How and Where To Send Your Cover Letter Resume

You now have the best cover letter resume all written and ready to go. But how will you get the hiring employers to read it? It is very important that you know how and where to send your cover letter resume.

Make a note of the fact whether job applications are being invited via email, regular post, fax or as a part of walk-in interview. Email job applications usually require a cover letter resume as an attachment to an email message. Walk-in job applications require applicants to personally visit their office together with the needed requirements for the job.

These 7 guidelines will surely help you succeed in your job hunting process. Always remember that a good and  impressive cover letter resume is a tool to sell your skills in such a manner that employers cannot resist.

Author: Dr. Kavita

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