How to Write Internship Cover Letters Effectively

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Cover letter is an important part for anyone who is applying for an internship or a real job in some organization. Writing a cover when applying for an internship may be somewhat different from the one written when applying for a job. Therefore, this article will provide useful tips on how to write internship cover letters.

The first thing you need to know about how to write internship cover letters is the format, which you have to follow in the cover letter. You should follow the basic essay format to write internship cover letters, i.e. first paragraph (introduction), second paragraph (body), and last paragraph (conclusion). Following this format and guidelines below, will help you write internship cover letter effectively

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First paragraph

You must clearly set an aim before you write internship cover letters. The main purpose of writing a cover letter is to let the employer know about your interest in applying for this internship post. This should be written at the beginning of letter. For example, you may include, “Please acknowledge my application as a summer internee in Pepsi Cola International.”

The second thing you need to do in the first paragraph is to be very brief, concise, and straightforward in your tone, when you write internship cover letters. This would provide the reader the specific information he / she requires and it will definitely make an impression upon them. In addition, if someone who is a mutual contact between you and the employer has referred you, then you must include that reference when you write internship cover letter.

Second Paragraph

The internship is the compulsory requirement for completing graduation in many academic institutions, where as the cover letter is the main key to provide an evidence of your skills and experiences you have accomplished in your academic and co-curricular activities.

Therefore, write internship cover letters containing complete information about your skills and experiences, as this would make a greater impact upon the employer in comparison to other applications.  For example, you may include information pertaining to your experience in the cover letter in the following way, “I have consistently performed well throughout my economics and finance courses. I have also accomplished a major project concerning finance and have published a couple of articles about economics in The Economist.”

Last Paragraph

The concluding paragraph is the last opportunity for you to sum up your academic achievements and your skills that you consider would make an impression towards the employer. The main point to note in the last paragraph when you write internship cover letters is that you should mention other details regarding the academic and professional documents you are submitting to the employer.

For example, “Thank you for your patience. I would really appreciate to be given a chance to assist Pepsi Inc to achieve its financial milestones by working as financial internee. Please feel free to communicate with me. I will wait for your response.


(Name of internee)


The steps to write internship cover letters mentioned above will definitely guarantee you that your internship application will not be thrown away into the basket without any consideration at all. Good luck to you in achieving that internship!

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