How to Write Job Cover Letters? 9 Tips for Fresh Graduates

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Graduation marks the end of a student’s school life. But it is also the start of another journey towards the competitive world of job hunting.  If you are a fresh graduate, you barely have an idea on how and where to start. Competition is always present among job hunters. You are often intimidated by those who are already experienced. Here are some tips on how to write job cover letters.

Tip # 1

Start by having an idea on how to write job cover letters. The best way is to learn by example. Unless you see a well written cover letter, you will never know what a good cover letter looks like. You can search online and you will find a lot of sites that provide different samples.

Tip # 2

Before you write job cover letters, it is best to research about the job positions you are aiming for. Know more about your employers, their business and their organization. Check the requirements and specs that they mentioned in the advertisement and ensure that you conform to all of them before applying. A little bit of self-assessment should help you out here.

Tip # 3

Write job cover letters using appropriate font, style, template, and layout. It should be clear and easy to read and look extremely professional. Never use any weird looking font or sloppy formats. Your cover letter is your first chance at getting your future employer’s attention; use it wisely!

Tip # 4

When you write job cover letters, always begin by stating when and where you came to know about the job opening. Try to provide proper references and information regarding this fact.

Tip # 5

In case you already have work experiences, write job cover letters that emphasize on your skills and abilities. Demonstrate to your potential employers that you can be an asset to their company if you are hired. Employers are interested in applicants that possess the criteria they are looking for. Come up with many possible ways why an employer should hire you and incorporate this info into your cover letter.

Tip # 6

When you write job cover letters, include your educational background. But make sure that you focus on details relevant to the job position you are applying for. Highlight your good academic records. You must include details of merits, awards and achievements if there are any.

Tip # 7

Training and internships that you have completed can also be included when you write job cover letters. Don’t forget to write the job description, duration, and the name of the company. Some employers will gauge your skills and abilities based on your past experiences.

Tip # 8

You may also mention skills that you have learned; for example-  using Microsoft Excel, creating a web page, developing software applications, writing website content, and the like. But do not include any skills or talents that are in no way concerned with the job you are applying for.

Tip # 9

Do not forget to include your availability for probable interviews. Employers invest time and effort in arranging interviews and there is no point in wasting their time if you are not free to be personally available on the dates of interview.  When you write job cover letters, you should also include your availability date for commencing the job in case you are selected for the post.

Be clear and truthful in stating about the starting date because sometimes it so happens that you may have other plans like taking up a full time course or going on a trip somewhere in the near future. If you forget about these plans when writing cover letters, you could land in a soup and may have to forfeit your chance of finding a job if you cannot begin work as promised in your cover letter.



Follow these tips when you write job cover letters. It is your indispensable tool in forging ahead to a successful career. Write job cover letters and combine with your curriculum vitae. With these 9 valuable tips and some determination plus a positive outlook; you are sure to land your dream job very soon.

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