Importance of Long Tail Keywords in Niche Blogging

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This post on long tail keywords in niche blogging is long overdue and I apologize to all of you for delaying it this long. But things were quite hectic and I had a lot going on in addition to this blog. Anyways, let’s focus on niche blogging now that I have finally got here.

"long tail keywords in niche blogging"

Long Tail Keywords

You already know what keywords are but may not be familiar with long tail keywords. Well they literally are keywords with a long tail, which in simple words mean they are longer than usual keywords. But don’t be fooled into thinking that the length is the only criterion separating the routine / normal keywords from the long tail keywords. There are many more vital features that make you want to learn about them.

Importance of Long Tail Keywords

Well, if you are into niche blogging then putting long tail keywords related to your business to good use is one of the guaranteed ways to make money online. Okay so before we dive deeper into all this, let us discuss how to recognize a long tail keyword and which of its features make it crucial for your online business income.

First of all we will look at some examples. Let’s consider the niche- women’s apparel. Here there are routine key-phrases like women’s dresses, dresses for women, clothes for women and also some detailed lengthy ones like ‘red party dress for women over 50’, ‘black knee length dress size 0” etc.

It strikes you immediately that the detailed key words are not only more focused on the buyer’s need but also more likely to convert into sales.

Quality Matters Most

So does this example leave any more doubts about the importance of long tail keywords? They are not only laser targeted to your niche but also are more likely to end in sales. It won’t take a shrewd entrepreneur much time to realize that long tail keywords are a gold mine and actually bring in more money despite the comparatively lower number of customers that use them.

To simplify the explanation let me give you another example. If your website gets about 2000 searches daily from routine / normal key-phrases and only 32 of these convert to sales then your conversion rate is just 1.6 % but on the other hand if your long tail keywords search numbers are just 40 / day and 16 of them convert to sales, then these are a gold mine for your biz, because they generate a whopping 40 % conversion.

Waste Time or Make Money?

In the next post we will discuss in more depth about relation of long tail keywords to SEO and much more interesting stuff. But remember that for an entrepreneur, time wasted is money wasted. So you can either waste both time (and money) twiddling your thumbs until I publish my next post, OR you can jump start your online income generation from niche website; the choice is yours.

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