Insider Secrets of Guest Blogging for Beginner Bloggers

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We might be professional bloggers and experts today, but there certainly was a time when we were beginners in the blogosphere.

Blogging is a detailed and long-drawn process and beginner bloggers are often overwhelmed by the amount of information, tips, techniques and things to do in getting their blog off the ground.

Speaking of this; one of the commonest suggestions handed down to newbie bloggers is to focus on guest blogging.

Is Guest Blogging a Double Edged Sword?

 Guest blogging is something that I also hugely recommend, but I have to caution you about the dangers lurking behind this effective blogging strategy.

A great guest post can do wonders for your blog popularity and continue to send in life-long visitors and referred traffic from other blogs. But mess with it and your blog stands the risk of being labelled as spammy or low quality.

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Guest Blogging Insider Secrets from a Blog Owner

You will learn all about crafting a good quality guest post by reading one of my previous posts on this topic. But today I intend to let you in on some of the insider secrets of guest blogging that no other blog owner will share with beginner bloggers.

Bookmark this page because you are going to use it as a reference when you next pitch a blog owner with your guest post.

#1- Get Familiar with the Blog and its Owner

Be Civil, Say Hello

I receive at least 2 pitches each day from other bloggers for guest blogging on my blog. But if you notice closely, I have published only 2 of them so far.

I am now going to reveal the reason behind refusing all the other bloggers who approached me. It was extremely obvious from their messages that they had NOT taken any effort in knowing my blog / about me.

Most of them do not even bother to address me properly and simply start their message with their pitch. Do you email strangers without even saying Hello / Hi and blatantly ask for a favor from them?

Well, I hate this sort of casual attitude and such a pitch screams about the unprofessionalism of the blogger. Being a newbie blogger is NO excuse for sloppy and rude behavior.

How Do I Expect Wannabe Guest Bloggers to Mail Me?

I expect all bloggers who want to guest post on my blog to use the proper channel for communication, which is the contact form. I also expect them to take some time and read the About Me page and know that I am a female, my name and what my aim is behind starting my blog. Start with a proper Hi / Hello.

Then write 2/ 3 lines that tell me clearly about your familiarity with my blog and maybe a word or two of appreciation, opinion or something positive. (No, you are not getting anywhere near my blog with rudeness, that’s for sure!)

Then in the next section introduce yourself in detail and let me know who you are, where you blog and what is your social media profile/ blog URL. Get straight to the point now; express your desire to guest post and either write down the title and word count of your proposed post (if you have already written it) or simply ask me what I like you to write about.

#2- Approach Only If Your Niche Matches the Host Blog

I have had people approach me with guest blogging pitches from the accounting niche and even some pitches from the home furniture niche. Approaching a host blog that has nothing to do with your blog’s niche is utter wastage of time.

No professional blog will host your guest post and even if some new blogs may agree to the arrangement, you will not get any traffic benefits from doing this.

#3- Do Not Send a Cookie Cutter Pitch

Many inexperienced bloggers use and reuse the same cookie cutter pitch to approach every blog owner. There is no other way to get the host to refuse your guest post sooner than doing this.

As I mentioned in # 1, get familiar with the blog, the blog owner, his/ her style of writing, other guest posts that are published on the blog and so on. Use this info to craft a short but professional guest post pitch.

#4- Read Messages Attentively

Last week I had a person approach me with a pitch. This person obviously had done step # 1 nicely, but asked me about the word count and other guest post guidelines.

I sent a reply message asking for more information about this person’s social profile/ blog URL, and I also asked the person to check my guest post guidelines which are explained in minute detail here.

But the reply that came back clearly let me know that the person did not bother to read through the guidelines and there was no response about the social profile / blog URL.

The reply just kept asking the same question again about the word count and so on. When people ignore what I have to say, my natural tendency is to first remind them gently and then totally ignore them if they do not understand my hints.

#5- Show Some Manners After Your Post is Published

After you get your guest post published on someone’s blog, you should have the basic courtesy of saying thanks to the blog owner. Simply walking away from the blog after you get your stuff published on it is a sure shot way to close all further chances of getting another post published on that blog.

By the way, I hope you realize that guest blogging works better when you post a series of posts on a certain blog because one post cannot garner subscribers or a loyal readership to your blog.

You will have to develop a relationship with the readers and community that visits the host blog if you want them to come over to your blog to check it out.


Hopefully these insider secrets that every professional blogger nurtures in his / heart is now obvious to you as well. Use this insider info to make your guest blogging venture a smashing success.

Remember guest blogging is one of the few remaining ways to boost your search rankings with Google’s nod of approval. So use it in the best way possible. Good luck to you!

Author: Dr. Kavita

Dr.Kavita is a Professional Blogger, Digital Content Specialist, Digipreneur, Coach, Doctor and a Certified Digital Marketer. Her favorite digital marketing strategy to maximize ROI for her clients is Inbound Marketing. She is the Founder of Blogela.

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