Invest Money to Make Money or Make Money Free?

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Cannot decide if you should invest money to make money or go for make money free methods? Read this post which is a sequel to Part I. I suggest that you read Part I before reading this, for better understanding. Click here to read Part I

4 Cons of Deciding to Invest Money to Make Money

1)  Risk Involved

When you invest money to make money, you are actually risking your investment. This investment could go either up or down. If it goes up, there is nothing better than that. But if it goes down, it is bad. But no matter what you do, never ever go down with the investment. (More about what to do when your investment goes down in a later post)

2)  Investment Costs Can Mount

When you are out to make money, you might need to try out a variety of businesses before you actually start earning incomes and profits from it. There are only 2 proven, practical and possible ways to find the perfect method to earn money: 1) Follow the guidance of a mentor who has practical experience of creating money making businesses 2) Try and re-try until you succeed.

 When you opt for the second method, chances are that your initial investment expenditure may mount because of having to invest in multiple projects to find the best out of them.


3) You May Get Conned

You can get conned of your hard earned money, if you did not spend time and effort in choosing the investment. Getting conned usually happens only to people who leap before they think. A note of caution is needed here- Never invest money to make money unless you have reviewed and researched about the business / mentor / product.

4) Loss of Investment Could Be a Demotivator

It is not uncommon to find investors losing money when their business / enterprise did not progress the way they wanted / expected it to. Wise investors expect all these hurdles and invest only in projects that they have studied and reviewed well. But others can suffer losses and majority of them lose interest and become demotivated.


3 Pros of Make Money Free Methods

1) Its Free

Obviously the first benefit of going with such schemes and methods is that it is totally free and you do not need to bother spending a dime on it.

2) No Loss

You do not have to worry about losing your hard earned money and neither do you have to arrange for the resources to pay for the project. No losses mean no worries, no pressure and no responsibilities.

3) Easy to Find

Take one look at the World Wide Web and you will know what I am hinting at. Search for the term free and Google will come up with 988,000,000 results in less than 0.08 seconds. So when you are opting for free stuff, chances are that you are going to be spoilt for choices.


7 Cons of Make Money Free Methods

1) No Guarantee of Being Reliable

As mentioned in point #2 of pros of investing money to make money, businesses tend to be answerable only to paying clients. When you are not paying anything, you simply cannot guarantee that the method is reliable and trustworthy, because there is no accountability involved here.

2) Loss of Valuable Time

Time is more valuable than money. Time spent / wasted in fruitless pursuits can prove to be a bigger loss than wasting money on paid methods to make money. Many people think that they have nothing to lose if a make money free method that they used did not yield any results, simply because they never paid any money. False; did you check the time you wasted in this endeavor? CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

Author: Dr. Kavita

Dr.Kavita is a Professional Blogger, Digital Content Specialist, Digipreneur, Coach, Doctor and a Certified Digital Marketer. Her favorite digital marketing strategy to maximize ROI for her clients is Inbound Marketing. She is the Founder of Blogela.

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