Is Creative Writing a Good Way to Make Money?

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Creative writing can often present a challenge for many writers.  Let’s face the facts, all creative writers are writers but not all writers can be creative writers. To answer the question posed in the title of this post, I must say that it is indeed possible to make money with creative writing.

Then you might ask, “Where is the catch?” Well, the catch lies in the glaring fact that creative writing is far different from blogging, content based writing or academic writing. It can be called as the cream layer of the writing profession.


More about Creative Writing

Creative writing is a very confusing term and many people are not even sure about the kinds of writing that are included under this banner. Even Wikipedia takes a roundabout approach to explaining what creative writing is by describing what it is NOT.

It says that creative writing is something that cannot be labeled as technical, journalistic, academic or professional writing. Hmm, the ambiguity that surrounds it is what makes it more interesting and attractive.

Okay, let’s get back to the topic in hand without any more meandering. Creative writing can be both fictional and non fictional and includes poems, stories, biographies, screenwriting, playwriting etc.


How to Be Creative in Writing?

Now that we know what is creative writing, the next logical question that pops up in our minds is how to be creative in writing. Well, if you ask my opinion, I would say that creativity cannot be taught because if it can be taught it would no longer be creative. Creative writing is an inborn talent and is a gift from the Almighty. But that is just my two cents, my personal opinion.

Nowadays people confuse skills with talents and vice versa. No wonder it is a prevalent belief that creative writing can also be learnt and after undergoing a professional creative writing course, anyone can become a professional creative writer.


Creative Writing Course

If you too are keen in taking up a creative writing class you have lots of reasons to rejoice. There are numerous opportunities to take up a course in creative writing and get a professional certification. These creative writing courses will train how to be creative in writing and is usually spread over a 2 year period. The most popular and credit worthy of all the certifications is MFA creative writing


MFA Creative Writing

MFA Creative writing or Master of Fine Arts- Creative writing is a highly sought after certification by people who are quite serious about wanting to take it up as a career and make money from it. This is a two year course and covers various categories like children’s writing, fiction, poetry and non-fiction.

The course balances a series of writing workshops and writing seminars. Obviously this is a full time course and you have to attend classes in person and not online.

Students are permitted to zero down on any one category of their choice in their final year and this helps them in getting both a Writing Thesis and Literature project with help from student advisors.  


Creative Writing Online Degree

Not everyone can manage to find time to attend a full time MFA creative writing course. Many of the aspirants are already professionals working in a day job and can’t afford to take a college break for 2 years. Others are bound by personal, family or health problems and are more interested in taking up online creative writing degree programs

Online degrees in creative writing are very popular and can be completed at your convenience online without the hassle of attending college in person. There is a huge range of degrees in creative writing and some of them are MFA- Bilingual, MFACW, Master of Education in Literacy (Teaching to Write), MA-Literature and Writing, MFA in Children’s Writing and Writing for Young Adults, MFA –Popular Fiction, Bachelor of Creative Writing etc.



Getting a creative writing degree is often a guarantee to making money as a professional creative writer. But as I always keep warning my readers, no matter what kind of degrees in creative writing you may take up, you would not get any benefits with a creative writing degree obtained from a non-recognized college / online program. So please spend some time and effort in ensuring that the college / University that teaches creative writing is accredited and legitimate. 

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