Local SEO Tips to Drive Local Traffic [In 2018]

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Are you a local business? Well, then here are some quick local SEO tips that will help you win Google’s local search.

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Of course, there are a lot of people searching. You just can’t afford to miss out the opportunity to list in Google for your services.

According to Hubspot, 4 out of 5 customers use local search to look for information.

Local search is powerful for small businesses: four out of five consumers use search to find local information, which means if your business isn’t optimized for local search, you could be missing out on 80% of your potential customers. In short, local SEO is critical if you want your business to stay relevant.

And, 28% of searches for something nearby result in a purchase.

By the end of this post, you’ll have known all the right local SEO strategies that will help your business rank higher in Google’s local search and get potential traffic.

1. Verify your Google My Business Listing

Check whether you have proceeded for verification of your Google My Business listing. Don’t have a GMB listing yet? Click here to make one.

Here are two ways you can go about verifying your GMB listing:

1.     Verify via post card.

2.     Verify via video. This option was released just last year by Google.

After your listing is verified, Google rewards your business a position with other new listings.

But that’s not where you wish to stay right?

In that case, let’s jump to the next step.

2. Optimize your GMB Listing

You can even optimize your GMB listing. Want to know how?

It’s simple.

Add more photos

Let your customers see how good your store looks.

Try virtual tours

Consider using Google Business View 360-degree virtual tours and spice up your GMB listing.

After you add a virtual tour, your potential customers see a “see inside” section beside your business photos section.

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This how your virtual tour looks like to your customers. They can explore your store at their fingertips.

Get Reviews or Testimonials

BipperMedia says:

“Over 88% of consumers trust reviews as a resource when deciding what business to buy from or hire.”

Okay so now you know why you should collect reviews from your customers right?

It’s highly recommended that you dedicate one whole page for your testimonials.

So, go ahead and encourage your customers to drop their opinions on your GMB listing.

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Here’s a snapshot of Google reviews.

3. Optimize your Website

You have to optimize your website to rank in search engines. Your website SEO has a great impact on your listing’s position.

Improvise your Contact Page.

Ensure your NAP consistency. “NAP” is:

1.     Name

2.     Address

3.     Phone (with area code)

4.     Email address

You can even mention your business email address so that your customers can mail you for their queries.

Make sure your NAP is consistent across all local business listings.

Google accurately predicts your address and displays it directly on search results.

Customers want to know more about your business so providing all these information, helps.

Mention about your branches (if any)

Make sure you mention the “NAP” of all your branches on a single webpage. You may choose the footer or the header of your website.

Tip: Never add your NAP and/or email in images, search engine crawlers cannot read images. This will greatly affect your local SEO.

Expand internal linking

Building up your internal links is one of the best local SEO strategies one could use.

Know how it can benefit you?

1.     Eased website navigation

2.     Helps understand website hierarchy and information planning  

3.     Distributes page authority and ranking power among pages

Create local content

Okay, so if in case you are yet to create a blog on your website, do it asap.

Keep your blog on your business’s main domain.

This will help you gain links to your business’s main site too, as you acquire inbound links to your blog pages.

Create more local content for more local traffic.

For effective results, write on local or industry news.

Take your content to the next level, make it more detailed.

Don’t talk about your business, talk about your industry.

Be sure to add local city and neighborhoods wherever you can.

Your customers shouldn’t have trouble finding your branch in their area.

Also make sure you add the unofficial names of streets, avenues, alleys, or towns.

Tip: One website for all branches is just fine. Don’t waste your time and resources behind multiple sites.

Make your phone numbers clickable

According to research, more Google searches are from mobile devices than computers.

Also, 78% of local mobile searches result in offline purchases.

And to your shock, 50% of mobile visitors visit stores within 1 day.

So, have you made your phone number clickable yet? Well how do you do so? Click here to know.

You don’t want to annoy your visitors by switching between apps and manually typing your phone number, do you?

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Embed your GM listing to your website

Embed your Google Maps business listing on your “Contact Us” page or in the website footer.

"google maps business listing local seo" "local marketing"

Look how HaartyHanks have embedded their Google Maps business listing in their website footer.

Add a map

If you are an offline business, you might be situated somewhere right? Take the honor show yourself on the map.

Know why it’s important to do that? It’s because 50% of searchers look for local address.

And mainly because 71% confirm location of stores before visiting them for the first time.

This may be via Google Maps, your address in your GMB listing or on your website or sometimes on all of these.

And do not forget to list your business location on Google Maps. Ever thought why you should do that?

Firstly, because 86% look-up location of a business on Google Maps.

And secondly, because it gives exact directions to your outlet to your customers.

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Look how Pizza Hut has added all their outlets on Google Maps.

4. Optimize for Voice Search Queries

According to research, 20% of Google’s searches are voice searches.

Mary Meeker, predicted that by 2020, 50% of Google’s searches will be made up by voice.

Voice searches are quite longer than the usual text searches. They are much more specific and like human talks.

Let’s say, if you are looking for a restaurant in your area, you type “best restaurants near me” but when you voice search it, this is how you might sound; “which best restaurant is open in Seattle”.

So, start optimizing for longer and specific keywords too for the sake of voice searches.

Observations show that voice searches commonly begin with the words “who”, “how”, “when”, “where”, “what”. Among these “how” is mostly used, says Bright Local.

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Add Schema to your website

Schema was invented to create a common language between major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

You want to rank for local searches and that’s exactly what Schema helps you with.

By adding Schema markup to your website, you tell Google that you are a local business. This also helps to boost your local rankings.

HallAnalysis (JSON LD Generator) has made it easier to create a Schema mark up with a simple tool.

Personal assistants like Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Amazon Echo collect data through structured local business markups.

They eventually provide suggestions based on the user’s search queries.

So, make sure you add proper structured mark up like opening hours, addresses, areas served, location, reviews, phone numbers, etc.

5. Claim your Business on Popular Local Review Sites.

Do not forget to list your business on popular review websites like TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google My Business, Booking.com, Expedia and Facebook.

Google’s 3 pack is often followed by reviews from these popular local review sites when it comes to local searches.

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Local search results other than Google’s 3 pack are also followed by these sites.

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6. Social Media Marketing

Your website isn’t the only place you need to be online.

Claim your business on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Pinterest and Google+.

90% indicated that social media efforts generated more exposure to their business.

Encourage your customers to follow your business on social media. Tell them why they should.

You may talk about latest news and events on your social media.

Try putting up quizzes or ask a question (that’s not directly related to your business) or ask your customers which product of your business do they like the most and why.

This will help create good engagement on your page and your customers will only love your brand more.

Posting more of engaging posts makes your profile interesting and more people become aware of your business’s presence, be it online or offline.

Spice up your profiles with photos, videos and infographics. Visual content is 40X more shared on social media.

Putting up polls, questionnaires, and even asking suggestions about making any sort of changes from your customers proves highly engaging.

Attract customers by giving promotions, giveaways, discounts and offers. Try holding contests and promise a nice gift to the winners.

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Myntra has put up a Character Recreation contest on their Instagram profile. As you can see, it has got a good amount of engagement.

You may even grab ideas from your industry experts. 


Ranking higher in Google’s SERPs has only gotten tough. And with its new updates, tougher. Competition is getting stronger. However, these local SEO tips will help your business succeed. So start now!

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Author: Aneesha

Aneesha is only 17, but is an expert in Social Media Marketing. Watch this space for hot tips and tricks to boost your digital marketing efforts for your online business.

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