Niche Keyword Research For Every Blogger /Online Business Owner

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No matter how broad a topic you want to discuss is, it certainly has some keywords. Now my blog discusses topics like blogging, content creation, affiliate marketing, online business, marketing strategies etc.

It suddenly struck me that there was a common thread running through all of them. There is a single word that is very crucial to all of my niches and that special word is “keyword”.

Why is Keyword So Important?

Let me explain a bit further here. It really does not matter what my aim is, that is if I am trying to rank my blog post on search engines, if I want to get loads of traffic from search engines, or I want to sell an affiliate product or just make my blog interesting to my visitors, I have to focus on one thing and that is the keyword/s related to the particular topic.

“So the whole point is that anyone who owns a blog and wants to do anything profitable or interesting with it has to focus on keywords.”

Online Business and Blogging Both Begin With Keywords

If you ask me, anyone who is even thinking of starting an online business should first spend a good amount of time researching the market.

Using a niche keyword finder to select the niche of your online business will not only allow you to select a profitable niche but also reduces the usual risk involved in online businesses.

This hold true for bloggers as well. There are more than a billion blogs online and not all of them are on a single niche. Some of them do very well, while others do moderately well but a good majority of them simply flounder.

Unless you have selected a good niche to begin with, your blog is set to be doomed and will never ever see the light of the day.

Free Niche Finder Tool

All of us online business owners have to thank Google for their awesome free niche finder tool, but sadly it is not as useful as it was a few years back.

The amount of useful information that people can get from this free niche keyword tool to select a good profitable niche is really diminishing day by day.

And to top it all, expert online market researchers are of the opinion that this particular niche finder tool is not reliable because most of its search volume data is inflated by quite a good measure.

"niche keyword research tips"

Which is the Best Keyword Finder Tool?

Before I answer your question, I must emphasize on certain vital features that constitute the best keyword finder tool. In order to do that, just think of the most important goals that you want to achieve with respect to your online business. Any business needs customers and sales to flourish, so the first priority is traffic.

No one likes to spend money to get traffic, so the first feature that your ideal or best keyword finder tool should have is the ability to display the keywords that have adequate searched each month on a consistent basis.

Obviously you are not the only intelligent online business owner using a tool to do niche keyword research; there are thousands of others too. So, as soon as you get info about the number of searches, your next and immediate concern is to assess the market competition for your chosen keyword.

Unless your tool has a seo keyword finder and doubles up as a keyword competition tool, it will not allow you to benefit fully from it.

Best Niche Keyword Research Tool

Though people often use the terms keyword finder tool and niche keyword research tool interchangeably, there actually is a huge difference between them.

Basic keyword finding can be done with a keyword tool but if you are trying to shortlist a profitable niche for your business or want to do more detailed research for related keywords for your chosen niche, then you must use a niche keyword research tool.

If you have been using the free niche finder tool that I mentioned in the previous section, all your life, then you cannot even imagine the possibilities that a credible niche keyword research tool  could open up for your online business.

There are so many niche research tools that I tried and tested for my business, but here is the best tool that I currently use and recommend to every entrepreneur and blogger out there who is seriously focused on creating and running a successful, profitable and money making online business.

I will be posting a detailed review that highlights each and every detail of this amazing keyword research tool by tomorrow or the day after. But time is money and if you are aware of the importance of time, then you can check out the tool right now.

In case you are not motivated yet, then let me break this wonderful news to you. The niche keyword research tool that I love and recommend can be checked out for FREE by clicking here. Grab this golden and check the trial version out for yourself. BTW you do not need to enter any credit card details for your trial offer.

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Author: Dr. Kavita

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