Every Bloggers Guide to Niche Websites-Can It Make Quick Cash for Bloggers?

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Money making ideas have been described, discussed and written about on this blog and despite publishing quite a few posts here, demand for quick money and legitimate ways to make quick cash is always high.

Today, let’s explore yet another of the quickest ways to make money online for bloggers, i.e. with niche websites/ niche blogging.

Why not monetize your blog and make quick money with it? If you are blogging already, this is a great suggestion for you, right?

"niche blogging"

What is Niche Blogging All About?

Niche blogging is specialized blogging or blogging with a focus. Here, the focus is on a particular section or segment of an industry/ market. When you speak of niche blogging, there is another term that usually comes up along with it, called micro niche blogging.  Okay more on that later.

Now to know what a market segment is, you need to first understand the market.

What is a Market and Industry?

If you ask this question to an economist, he/ she will probably use a bunch of complex terms to define a market. But in simple words and especially in the context of niche blogging, a market means a place where buyers and sellers come together. An industry on the other hand is the business in which sellers are engaged in.

There are numerous examples of markets and industries like the stock market, health industry, hospitality industry etc.

Niche Blogging and Segment of Market/ Industry

Typically, a market or industry is vast, generalized and made up of several smaller segments. Consider the health industry; there are many components that make it up like mental health, heart health, fitness, women’s health etc.

You probably are now beginning to see how the market or industry segment is similar to what online marketers / bloggers refer to as niche. So while health is a broad term, women’s health is a segment and also a niche.

What is a Micro Niche?

At this point, it’s easier to understand a micro niche. Micro niche= 1 keyword.

Every niche has its own set/ collection of related keywords, but a micro niche specializes and focuses the entire website/ business on just one keyword/ key phrase. If weight loss for women after menopause is a key phrase from the weight loss niche, then a site that focuses on this one key phrase can be termed as a micro niche.

So basically what determines if a site is a niche site or a micro niche site is the number of keyword/s or key phrase/s that it focuses on. So the real players in this niche site game are the keywords that you will choose.

Process of Finding a Niche

The process of finding a niche is not simple. It requires a lot of hard work and above all a lot of thought, planning and of course a truck load of research. But don’t get discouraged, because niche websites are rewarding and all your hard work will definitely pay off.

How to Start Niche Keyword Research?

First of sit down with a pen and paper and make a list. This list must cover the following areas. You may add one or many items under each category.

  • Passions
  • Hobbies
  • Areas of Interest
  • Areas of Expertise
  • Areas Related to Current Career
  • News

By the time you finish you probably would have created a monster list with at least 70-80 items in total. Now you have to evaluate this list very carefully and shortlist just the top 5/ 6 of this list. Do not discard the rest, you can save it for later.

How to Shortlist the Top 6 Niches?

This is pretty simple compared to the next step, because all you have to do is to choose the best of each category. When I say best, it means to go with the topic that you think is the best suited to create a website around.

How to Study the Market?

Yeah, this is the most important part of your niche selection. You will have to evaluate, research and analyze the market thoroughly for each of your top 6 shortlisted niches.

What are the deciding market factors that help in choosing the right niche?

The right niche must have an active market, which is to say that it should have lots of buyers, numerous products and of course, long term viability. Long term viability means that it should have a potential for generating sales and income for a long time and not just be a flash in the pan.

How to Choose Keywords for Niche Websites?

You just realized that niche websites can make quick cash for you or fizzle out making you lose your investment capital, depending upon the keywords that you select. So how to choose keywords for niche websites? What points do you need to consider? What criteria should you use to pick the right keywords? And what are the red flags that you must avoid?

There are as many ways to choose keywords for niche websites as there are niche site enthusiasts out there. You ask around and you will get all sorts of responses.

Some marketers like to use free niche builder tools like Google Keyword Planner and will even swear by its awesomeness, while there are others who won’t even think of a niche website without first having their favorite paid niche keyword finder tool ready and working.

Then there are many like me who use more than one niche keyword finder software tools according to the scope of each project. But before you choose keywords, you have to choose a niche and that my dear friend, is the core of creating niche websites and monetization of niche websites.


Niche websites are definitely rewarding and a legitimate way to make quick money for bloggers. But the success or failure of your niche websites depend heavily upon the niche you have selected and also on the keywords that you focus upon in this niche.

Niche blogging and making money from niche websites is definitely not something that can be covered in a single post or a single video. This website monetization method needs a detailed discussion covering several posts and videos.

I have decided to concentrate on niche blogging for now and will be doing a series on it. So in case you have not yet subscribed, now is the right time to do so. As for the others who are already on my list, stay tuned and watch out for some incredible offers and awesome discounts (reserved only to my subscribers)

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