Paid Guest Blogging-Why Business Owners Must Hire Professional Bloggers

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Paid Guest Blogging is of 2 kinds. While most of us are familiar with just one of the versions, I think it is extremely important to become comfy with the other version too. Our familiar version means an arrangement in which a blogger submits his / her guest post on another blog to receive back links towards their own blog.

The guest blogger also gets paid by the blog owner for the guest post. Awesome; this works fine for both the guest blogger and the blog owner.

"paid guest blogging"

Second Version of Paid Guest Blogging

The other version of paid guest blogging that I am talking about, benefits 3 different groups of people.

Business Owner

Professional Blogger

Blog Owner

How Did the Business Owner Fit In Paid Guest Blogging?

You are now wondering where the business owner came into the picture here. Well, here the business owner hires a professional blogger who is an expert at crafting high quality and reader magnet blog posts.

The blogger writes an awesome blog post on the niche and topic of the business owner’s choice and submits it to the business owner. The business owner pays the blogger and now contacts the blog owner to get this killer post published as a guest post.

This guest post gets published, receives attention of readers and gets shared on the social media platforms. Woohoo! Everyone is happy in this scenario. The business owner is happy that his / her business is basking in the social media limelight and sales are getting a boost.

The blog owner is happy to receive awesome killer content on the blog. The blogger is happy to be paid for his / her blogging efforts.

Why is Paid Guest Blogging a Powerful Tool for Business Owners?

Let us face the facts. Not all business owners own blogs and not all of them are professional bloggers.Consider a business that sells some kind of software, maybe forex software for instance.

The owner most probably has a website instead of a blog and also has limited or zero skills to create interesting posts. Well, this is totally understandable because this person is not a writer; he / she just knows how to sell software very well.

Now enters the professional blogger armed with a hoard of skills. This person is in the business of writing and this person is an expert in this business. Hiring this professional blogger makes excellent business sense for the business owner. The blogger will fill in the void where the business owner fails!

Why Hire Professional Bloggers for Paid Guest Blogging?

The difference between a professional blogger and other bloggers is that a professional blogger is an expert at blogging on any topic/ niche, while other bloggers are just experts in their own niches. This is where the professional blogger shines. Assign any topic to the professional blogger and they will write with élan on it.

How Do Professional Bloggers Develop Such Versatility in Blogging?

In my experience, majority of these professional bloggers have honed their blogging skills from years of writing experience. Most of them are also professional freelance writers offering their writing services for hire.

When you start offering professional writing services for freelance writing projects, you have to adapt yourself to the various niches and topics that the clients need written about.

Doing this over the years certainly gives you a cutting edge over the others, making you an expert at many different niches and topics.

Vital Points of Paid Guest Blogging to Boost Business Success

The business owner should ensure that he / she follows these 5 vital tips:

The blog selected must be popular; have an excellent social standing and receive huge amounts of traffic.

The niche of the blog must be related to the business.

The audience of the blog should largely consist of potential / interested customers for the business that is being promoted. (So if you are selling forex software, target blogs that deal with forex software reviews or forex tips)

The author by-line should be about you (the business owner) and the back links should direct towards your website / sales page.

The blogger should have an excellent track record in writing. Take a look at his / her blog or portfolio before you select them.


Succeeding in online business is not easy, with so much of cut throat competition around. As a business owner you need to keep your business on track of the latest developments in marketing and promotion. Guest blogging on blogs related to your niche is the best technique to promote your business to a wider audience without sounding overly promotional. Make use of this awesome technique- Hire a professional blogger to get added value to your business via paid guest blogging

Author: Dr. Kavita

Dr.Kavita is a Professional Blogger, Digital Content Specialist, Digipreneur, Coach, Doctor and a Certified Digital Marketer. Her favorite digital marketing strategy to maximize ROI for her clients is Inbound Marketing. She is the Founder of Blogela.

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