Pinterest Riddle Finally Solved with Bonus Gift for My Readers

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Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social sites in the world. It is essentially an image and video sharing social website that allows users to collect and upload images of their liking on pin boards that others can then view.

I love the idea behind the name of this site, because it is all about pinning your interests. These “pins” can also be posted to twitter and Facebook, blending the site with the two biggest social networking hubs. The main idea behind Pinterest is to act as a source of inspiration to users and also as a tool for getting them to engage in social interaction and communication.

Impressive Statistics

 For a site launched merely 2 years ago, Pinterest has a very impressive set of statistics when you consider the traffic it receives and sends to other equally popular social websites like YouTube, LinkedIn and Google. Pinterest became one of the largest social networking services, breaking into the top 10 with over 11 million unique visits per week. This makes the website the fastest one to reach and cross the ten million visitors mark. The majority of the users on this site are females and use Pinterest to share various tidbits of useful information pertaining to fashion, clothing etc.

What Can You Do With Pinterest?

You are free to create personal collections or pin boards of your favorite images. You can even share images and videos to these pin boards and sort them under the categories that you think best suits them. I recommend putting some thought in choosing or naming categories, because your aim is to make it easier for other Pinterest users to find your pins, right?

Your pins can be shared on Twitter and Facebook, which means your pins will be exposed to a much wider audience. Images and videos from other websites can be posted to a pin board in a similar manner.

How to Create an Account on Pinterest?

The process of creating an account on Pinterest is a bit different than the regular social network sites that you have lately seen. Creating an account here currently requires an invite from an existing member. This is an awesome choice if one of your friends is already a user. Otherwise, you can fill up the registration form and request an invite.

Who Should Use Pinterest?

Pinterest is extremely popular with women and statistics reveal that roughly 97% of the likes posted to Facebook are from female users. It is also used heavily by various online businesses, particularly online data collection companies, marketing services and ecommerce sites.

Most of the businesses are busy analyzing various trends on Pinterest as they modify or tailor their marketing strategies to target the right customers in the most profitable manner. This is the reason that several companies have considered investing in Pinterest with the site securing over $70 million in financing from several prominent businesses in 2011. It is also valued at $200 million thanks to the potential it presents to such companies.

Why Should You Use Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social site that mirrors trending fads and interests on the internet. You can use it to share ideas and creative solutions with like-minded people all over the world.  So, it offers a valuable opportunity for creative professionals like artists, designers, and craftsmen etc to share, modify and develop their ideas with the collective feedback from a large audience.

What Etiquette Should You Observe on Pinterest?

Remember, this site is about sharing interesting stuff with other users. So keep your pins, shares and comments clean and respectful. This site promotes sharing of authentic content only. In case you want to share images and videos belonging to others, use proper accreditation.


Why Should Blog / Website Owners Use Pinterest?

Pinterest provides an interesting functionality for bloggers and website owners. They can use relevant images / videos to link to posts / articles back on their sites. It serves as an awesome source of traffic to many bloggers and webmasters. I enjoy the traffic that I receive here via my Pinterest boards / pins. Hey, why not connect on Pinterest? I think it would be a great idea to know about each other’s interests; what do you think?

Useful Resource for My Beloved Readers


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