Save Money in Business by Making Your Own Business Cards and Brochures

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The whole idea of starting a home business is to start a business with as less investment as possible at the convenience of our home. The simplest and effective ways to do it is by cutting down on stuff like renting an office, spending lot of money on media advertising and brochures & business cards etc.

So if you can cut money on brochures and business cards by making them on your own that itself would save you money, right?

Making Your Own Brochures & Business Cards

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The very first thing to consider – You do not have to be a graphic designer to achieve any of the things mentioned below. Anyone can do it by following few very simple steps.

Starting The Process

You would need a computer and a color printer- which most of us will have nowadays, to create beautiful and professional looking brochures and business cards. But you also need to make sure that you are using the best quality paper as you would be giving it to your potential prospects and you do want to make an impression in every aspect, don’t you?

Text on Brochure or On Business Card

The most simple yet the best thing to do would be to search for examples. When I say examples I am referring to some of the business brochures and cards that you might have come across and the ones that you see online. The one that made you say “hmmm this is a catchy one” or the one that made you say “this is so stupid”, you are able to understand my point right?

The reason why I am suggesting you to look at both the good and the bad ones is – “Only when you know where you might go wrong is when you can go in the right direction”.

So check to see what all mistakes that you found in the bad ones and positives from the good one. Once you analyze them both you should pretty much be able to make a decision and choose a text which really makes sense and attracts your customer’s attention.

When it comes to designing or the graphics, you have to make sure that your brochures/business cards reflect what your business is about.

For example: If you are starting a business related to travel, then your design should have travel elements in it. Same goes to businesses like catering services, wedding planning, photography etc.


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Author: Dr. Kavita

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