SEO Blogging Tips for Beginners- What Should a Beginner Blogger Know About SEO?

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SEO- Heard the term before, but not sure what it means and how it works? Don’t worry; the SEO blogging tips for beginners explained here will clear all your doubts and give you a working knowledge of it as well.

SEO Blogging Tips # 1-What is SEO All About?

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization, and describes a group of techniques used to get your site or blog ranked better in search engines. If you are thinking why you should bother about getting your site optimized for the search engines, then consider this. There are millions of pages written by different people on the topic of SEO. But not all of them manage to grab the eyeballs of search engine users.

Tip # 2- Where Do All the Clicks Go?

If a person using Google search engine for finding info about SEO, he / she might type SEO or search engine optimization or whatever term that is relevant to the search topic according to personal preference. Let us say Google displays search results within 0.02- 0.03 seconds. There are around 215,000,000 pages of results for this particular search term. But no one is going to check out all those pages to get the desired info.

Statistics reveal that almost 50-70 % of the clicks are localized to the 1st page of search results, which means that 50-70 % of the people searching for info on any topics, do not go beyond the 1st page of search results to access information.

Tip # 3-How Do Websites Manage to Get on 1st Page of Search Results?

If you are looking for a one word answer, then it is SEO. Sites with best SEO techniques rank on the 1st page in an organic search. Organic search only means that the techniques used to reach the search results were natural and not purchased.

You might have already noticed that when you search for some terms in Google search engine, you see 1/ 3 results at the top of the page which are marked as ads. These are promoted on the 1st page because these business owners are paying Google to display them prominently.

SEO Blogging Tips # 4- What is the Basic Step in SEO?

SEO definitely starts with keywords. Unless you know what a keyword is and what keywords are related to your blog / business or site, chances of your ranking on 1st page of search engines is impossible.

In case you are still unsure about keywords and do not know how to choose the right keywords for your blog or site, don’t get discouraged.

You can refer my previous posts on importance of keyword research and tips for keyword selection by clicking on the links.

But in short, keywords help to connect your blog or site with its audience. Search engine users will be directed towards your site only when you are optimizing your content for the ‘same keywords’ that they are using to search for information.

But how do you get to know what search terms or keywords your probable visitors are using? You can easily get into their minds and know what terms they use for search, by taking help from an efficient free tool called Google keyword tool.

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