Social Media Marketing for Small Business-7 Easy Ways to Get Started

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Are you looking to get started with social media marketing? Do you want people to know and talk about your business in the social web? In this post I’ll cover 7 simple and easy ways to help you use the most effective and successful social media strategies.

When you have to build up your business via social media, it is obvious that you need to have some action otherwise there’s no chance for growth. People must know your business and must talk about it by which you can hear what’s being said about you everywhere or any negative perceptions buzzing around about your business if any. For this you will need to get involved in social media as soon as possible which will help protect your reputation and also develop it.

But, if you are still not getting the expected results then you should actually switch to these simple and easy tips to kick start your business growth through social media.

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#1 Elect your Goals

You have to first decide and select your goals. Decide whether you want to generate direct sales? Or you want to generate readers for your blog? Or you want to render any kind of a service? Whatever it is, it solely depends on the type of content you create for your customers or visitors and kinds of activities you take part in on the social web.


#2 Understand your Audience

To know your audience is the most important thing you need to stick to. You cannot simply create any content you feel like. It must match the likes and interests of your audience; otherwise it’s not going to work at all. Know what your customers want, what they are looking for. You have to be the exact one who’s giving what your customers have been probably hunting for all over the social media or the internet.

Target the right audience and use the right keywords so as to create some response. So keep one thing in mind, always, the right content will drive the right audience to your business blog or website.


#3 Do Keyword Research

Now that you have very well-known your audience you need to do some research work. Finding out the right keywords for your audience can build you great response. After all you need to give what your customers want to make them happy and last long. Even the right keywords can get you the right traffic because that’s how people will actually discover you!

There are many tools out there to help you finish your task such as InstaKeywords, Google Keyword Tool, SERPs and many more.


#4 Build your Network

Start following like-minded people on your social media and create a network. Follow some successful businesses and people of your industry so that you can grasp some good ideas and tips to boost your business. Learn their strategies and try implementing them to see if they work for you too! You can create and follow twitter lists.

Twitter lists help you find like-minded followers which can be an essential tool for your small business.

#5 Start Small and Start Somewhere

There are numerous social media platforms all over the internet- Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Youtube and the list goes on. You don’t have to be anxious about setting up your business on all of those platforms. So start small.

Choose the one which is relevant for your business. You shouldn’t be thinking to run up your business on all these platforms overnight. Go slow, and start setting up one by one as you begin to have more money and time.


#6 Optimize your Social Profiles

Optimize your social profiles for SEO for more traffic to your business. If you haven’t created one, then now is the right time. Your social media profile has to be completely filled out and images and texts have to be SEO friendly. There are many guides out there to help you create a perfectly optimized for SEO profile on all almost every platform. Just ask Google.


#7 Get Inspired

As discussed in tip #4 Build your Network, get some inspiration from your industry leaders and competitors by following their social media profiles so that you can note down and look what, when, how and why they are doing.

Imitate their styles and habits and try those strategies for your business. Connect with local bloggers and local businesses of your industries for more help. This would be helpful if you have your business offline too, you can see what they are doing.


In Conclusion

Keep some basic goals in mind and let them not be hidden. Let your customers know what you are doing for them. Build up your network and followers. To generate more traffic, optimize your social media profiles and blog or website for SEO. Let your customers discover you easily.

Grab ideas from your competitors, industry leaders and clients so as to apply their successful strategies to boost your business. You have to be regular on your updates but make sure you don’t have an update overload lest you lose your customers by making them unhappy.

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Author: Aneesha

Aneesha is only 17, but is an expert in Social Media Marketing. Watch this space for hot tips and tricks to boost your digital marketing efforts for your online business.

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