How to Write Job Cover Letters? 9 Tips for Fresh Graduates

Graduation marks the end of a student’s school life. But it is also the start of another journey towards the competitive world of job hunting.  If you are a fresh graduate, you barely have an idea on how and where to start. Competition is always present among job hunters. You are often intimidated by those who are already experienced. Here are some tips on how to write job cover letters. Tip # 1 Start by having an idea on how to write...

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7 Tips to Write Resume Cover Letters That Get You Hired

Majority of us have come across several situations in our life when we were required to write resume cover letters. Though we may have managed to do an okay job each time when we were forced to write resume cover letters; doing so can reflect very poorly on our prospects of landing a good job. So the next logical question that arises is how to write resume cover letters in a professional and acceptable manner. Here are 7 tips to help...

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