7 Crucial Video Blogging Tips for Beginners

Here is a new post on video blogging tips for beginners as promised. No matter how skilled you are at conventional blogging (typing posts), video blogging is a totally new challenge for almost everyone. This post focuses on the top 7 doubts that beginners have with regard to video blogging and provides tips for each of them. Video Blogging Tips for Beginners # 1 – Where to Start? All of us know about the famous proverb that says...

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3 Video Blogging Tips That a Funny Baby YouTube Video Taught Me

Blogging need not be limited to posting written content on your blog. Today’s post is all about video blogging tips. Using video as a blogging tool serves two purposes. First; your visitors have something new, interesting and different from your usual written content. Second; you will enjoy it better than writing posts. What is Video Blogging After All? Video blogging is simple; you use videos to convey your thoughts and ideas. Most...

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