Tips to Make Money with Google Adsense on Your Blog

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People want to make money for different reasons. Some want to become millionaires and billionaires, while others are content if they can make ends meet.

Whatever be your reason to make money, in today’s post I will take a look at Google adsense and find out if making money with this ad revenue sharing program is a viable option for bloggers.

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2 Basic Steps Needed to Make Money with Adsense  

1) Own a Blog

Before you can start generating any money with this ad program, there are a few basic steps involved. Despite the general belief that you need to get your own blog and self host it to add the adsense codes to it, there are many free blogging platform where you can use adsense on. Most popular of them are Blogger (because it is owned by the Big G- Google itself), Blogdrive, Outblogger etc.

But if you are thinking of owning a WordPress blog and adding adsense codes to it, you ought to have self hosting, the free version ( will not permit it.

2) Add Adsense Codes

Many beginner bloggers cannot get to the ‘make money’ part with adsense, because they do not know how to and where to add the codes. So let us begin from the beginning. First of all you will need to get your adsense account approved. As soon as you do that you can login to your account and start creating codes for ads according to the size and design you have chosen.


Crucial Criteria that Determine Whether You Make Money or Not

There is no guarantee that everyone who completes the 2 basic steps mentioned above can make money with adsense. This is because there are certain crucial criteria that will determine your earning potential. First of all you need to understand that adsense ads are targeted ads. What does this mean?

Well, this means that advertisers are using certain keywords / key phrases to bid upon and these keywords and phrases are very closely related to the business / service/ product that they are promoting.

If you are wondering why you should bother about this, then here’s the deal. The amount of revenue that ads displayed on your site earn depends a lot on these keywords. As they say, not all of them are created equal. Each keyword / phrase comes with a different CPC (Cost per click) or CPM( Cost per 1000 views)

 The other crucial element that will help you make money is traffic. Unless you have a fair amount of traffic each day and each month, throughout the year, do not even dream of generating any income with adsense.

How to Make Money by Creating Custom Channels in Adsense?

Creating custom channels in your adsense account is fairly easy. You can add certain info about your site and put in some keywords related to your niche in the form and also specify where you will be displaying these custom channel ads (at the center, top left, top right etc). Each account allows you to create upto 500 custom channels.

These custom channel ads will help you make money better than the non custom ones because when you give up detailed info about your site, advertisers will compete to target your site with better paying ads. And these ads convert better and thus help to make money for you because your readers will find these ads to be interesting as they will be closely matched to the keywords you provided in the form.

How to Make Money by Analyzing Your Adsense Report?

Your adsense account provides a detailed description of your ads that are active and just beneath them, you can see an option called view report. Click on these and you will find details about how many times that ad was requested, how many clicks it received , CTR, eCPM, total revenue that it generated and so on.

If you have, say 3 different ad sizes that are active on your site. Two of them are placed in the footer and sidebar respectively. And the 3rd ad, which is placed just below the title of your posts, is outperforming the rest of the 2 ads. Then you need to concentrate on this ad and find how you can boost its revenue generating ability.

How to Improve an Ad that is Already Performing Well?

See if you can blend it in with the surrounding text on your site. You can try customizing the ad design. The best tip is to remove borders, and select a white background for your ad. Also try to keep the format of the ad closely related to the color combination used on your site.

 Be careful though, do not try to mask it so effectively, that readers will be fooled in to thinking that it is a part of your post and click on it. This is considered as a serious fraud attempt by Google and it will suspend your adsense account if you are caught doing such tricky things to make money with adsense.


It is pretty easy to make money, and once you start believing that with your heart, you will begin to see the results. In this post I have detailed how any beginner / newbie blogger / webmaster can make money with adsense. Hope you try these tips out and get back to me via the comment box. I’ll be eager to see your comments and very happy to know that you too have started your own money making blog

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Author: Dr. Kavita

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