Ultimate Digital Marketing Guide for Your Online Business

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4) Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engines have lately become Gods of the Internet for majority of the online business owners. This is an understandable fact considering that search engines act as doorways to online traffic (the best part is that it is free).

But the last 2/3 years have seen a considerable shift in search engine marketing strategies, owing to the unpredictability and constant upheavals created by search engine algorithm updates. Almost every online business owner worth his / her business knows the bad taste left in the mouth by Panda, Penguin and EMD updates in the recent past.

In case you missed out any of my previous posts detailing the what, when and how of these updates, please check out the links below.



Penguin Attacks

EMD Update

An important aspect of search engine marketing is search engine optimization (SEO) and knowledge of appropriate and clever usage of relevant keywords within the content on your business website / blog. Also SEO involves both onsite and offsite SEO tactics.

Onsite and Offsite SEO Explained

While the rules of SEO keep changing in response to the search engine algorithm updates, there are a few fundamentals that every online business owner needs to know. Check out one of my previous post that explains some of the SEO basics for you.

SEO Basics for Beginners

5) Email Marketing

I guess email marketing is something that everyone (even people who got nothing to do with any kind of business) knows about. Maybe that’s because of the huge number of emails that land in our inboxes regularly each day, marketing some or the other kind of product / service.

While it is the most commonly used method of online marketing, it is not necessarily the most effective. Often email marketing campaigns could backfire if not done properly. Besides, it is required by law to provide double opt-in options to your audience before you can gain permission to start sending them emails. Here are some useful posts that highlight the dos and don’ts of email marketing.

Email Marketing for Beginners

Email Marketing Strategies

How Email Marketing Gets Jeopardized

6) Affiliate Marketing

This one works both ways; I mean for both parties involved in the business of affiliate marketing. Suppose you have a great product or service that you want to promote, but you have limited audience to promote them to. A clever way to expose your product / service to many more people is by forming a business relationship with affiliates.

Affiliates are basically people who charge a commission for selling your products/ services. You do not have to pay them unless they create sales, and it is entirely their headache to find out effective ways to market because they do not get paid unless they sell your product.

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