Want to Make Money Writing? Let These 4 Pointers Guide You

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The true guide to make money writing is an elusive one for sure. Most of the newbie or wannabe freelance writers search far and wide on the web looking for gold nuggets of advice on how to make money writing, only to get results that are mind boggling in number and implications.

There are far too many suggestions from so many ‘supposed’ successful writers who are making a living by writing that newbie freelance writers wonder how to separate the chaff from the grain. Throughout my personal experience of being a freelance writer for over 5 years now, I have come across some important criteria that you just cannot afford to miss when planning to make money writing.


Tip #1- Focus on Quality

"quality writing"

Like the name says, this is Numero Uno and you just cannot afford to compromise on quality. The better you write, the more consistent your customer base will become. It is important to maintain the highest possible quality of writing if you plan to make money writing.

Quality here does not merely mean strict adherence to correct grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. In addition to grammatical accuracy, it is also great if you can display a great writing style and present your ideas in a lucid and smooth way.

Tip # 2- Pick the Best Freelance Writing Job Site

Find a good online workplace and build your profile there is arguably one of the most important steps to make money writing. Once you have the abilities mentioned in tip # 1, you need to find a place where you can showcase and market your abilities. This is where the freelance writing job sites come in.

There are several websites that promise lots and lots of online work with huge figures and other gimmicks. Do not fall for the gimmicks! It is important to do some research about a freelance work portal before joining it. Reading reviews written by freelancers and clients will help a lot.

One of the most important red flags to run away from is if the freelance job site does not offer any escrow service or guarantee that you will be indeed paid by clients on successful completion of your projects.

Tip # 3- Skillful Marketing

One of the most important things I’ve found out by my experiences is that on these sites, a large number of clients prefer the lowest bidder. This is exactly the type of job that you need to stay away from because chances are that the client has already had the job botched up by some previous low bidder and you will inherit the mess. Worse, you’ll be doing it for peanuts!

The most important thing is to realize that on these sites it may take some time before your freelance writing career gets launched successfully. You might have to sell yourself short a couple of times in order to net your first freelance writing project. But it is crucial to limit this short selling only until you have managed to build your portfolio and have been promoted to better levels on the freelance job site.

Tip # 4-Build a Great Portfolio

 Having a well stocked portfolio of your writing samples is really crucial when you are bidding on freelance writing projects. It becomes much easier to convince clients about your ability to write well and write according to certain special specs, like for example SEO for content writing. Having a versatile mix of writing samples is a great way of advertising your abilities.


It is the dream of many to make money writing, but few manage to do it successfully. This is because the dedication and hard work that is required to write well enough to be paid repeatedly to do so is no less than what you would have to put in at a 9-5 desk job. 

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Author: Dr. Kavita

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