Ways to Make Money Online for College Students and Teenagers

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Teenagers and college students are perpetually in search of ways to make money online, and I believe they have three good reasons to do this.

First of all they seek ways to make money online fast, secondly they want to know about ways to make money online for free and thirdly they are desperate to learn special ways for teens to make money online. So today’s post is all set and focused on helping teens and college students  in making some decent amount of money online.


Ways to Make Money Online

I have discussed a lot of ways to make money on my blog and have posts that describe ways to make money in college, creative ways to make money that are weird, crazy and funny, home based business ideas etc. Many of these posts do contain a lot of online money making ideas as well

You can refer to these posts one by one and additionally use the tips which I am now about to give you. Buying and selling on eBay is a wonderful way to cash in on some profits every now and then. You can buy stuff at cheapest prices and then try to sell them at a margin and earn money by way of profits.

The other day I got an email from a college student asking if I needed help in maintaining my blog. He offered to do all the stuff that eats up into my productive time like formatting the posts, checking for broken links, and providing appropriate images for my posts and so on.

Well I do not need an assistant because I can pretty well handle my blog as of now, but that does not mean other bloggers do not need such services. Offer website / blog maintenance services on a part time basis to busy webmasters / blog owners and you will be sure to receive an offer / two.


Ways to Make Money Online Fast

Teens and college students are impulsive by nature and generally lack patience to wait for anything. So it does not come across as a surprise when they ask about ways to make money online fast. The fastest way to make money may not always be legitimate. Even in case if it is legitimate, it may not help you earn a lot of money as well.

I can think of three ways to make money online fast that are legitimate and earns a decent amount as well. First is trading currencies or Forex trading as we call it.

But you will need to learn about the basics and open a paid account to begin trading. This means that you will need to invest some money for trading, before you can reap profits from this method.

The second method is to take up freelance writing, freelance technical writing or freelance designing projects that pay you instantly by the hour. The third method is to join online sites that pay people to read emails and take surveys. Most of these sites pay $ 1- $ 10 on signing up and then you can earn daily according to the amount of emails that you read or surveys that you complete.


Way for Teens to Make Money Online

Okay, let us now discuss some special or unique ways for teens to make money online. When you say teens, what are the first three words that come to mind? For me the three words are YouTube, shopping, social networking. Well, all these three activities can help teens to make money online. Surprised?Okay here is the deal.

How much time do teens spend each day on the popular social networks like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter? Most of the time spent here is unproductive and does not make even a dime. But you can be paid to socialize by signing up for mylot.com


Shopping is another activity that teens love and now there is a way to make money from it. Secret shopper is the new code word for cool teens and youngsters who make money by voicing their opinion about the products that they buy and use.

Companies that launch new products in the market are apprehensive and curious about the reaction of the masses to their product. That is where the secret shoppers come in. These secret shoppers are paid by the companies for their honest and frank opinion about their products.


YouTube is another haven for youngsters and teens and a wonderful place to make money online as well. Get your cameras or cell phones out and start shooting some cool videos. Let me give you a useful hint here. Funny baby YouTube videos are the most popular.

If you can manage to get your cute little nieces, nephews, siblings or neighbor’s kids on video, then you win. As Tom Bergeron says on sets of  America’s funniest home videos, “If you can get it on video you can have it in cash”.

Well, you are not going to get paid instantly on YouTube for any of your videos. Earnings come by way of Google adsense and that will come in only after your videos get at least a million hits/ views.


It is perfectly doable and extremely easy to make money online in the current scenario of technological and other developments. You only need two things to make money online: first is the passion to make money and the second is a subscription to my blog updates.

Anyone who has been reading and following my blogs for quite some time will easily recognize that I keep regularly posting new and fresh ideas to make money on the internet. So guys and gals, be aregualr visitor to my blog to get started on an exciting journey to online money making now!

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Author: Dr. Kavita

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