Ways to Make Money With Amazon

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How to Make Money with Amazon Mechanical Turk?

To be honest, I would not work on Amazon Mechanical Turk to save my life. But then, not everyone necessarily agrees to my opinion. If you have a lot of free time and have a lot of patience, I believe you could make money (even up to $20 / hour) by completing small tasks, which Amazon mechanical turk likes to label as HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks).

You could be paid very scantily for each task, but then you see it is all about quantity here. More the number of HITs you can manage to complete per hour, the more money you can make.

You can choose the HITs according to your preferences by typing in related keywords in the search button. Some of the HITs with maximum number of tasks available are simple and easy to complete like for example, editing and fixing a PDF file, taking a survey or filling up a form. There are freelance writing projects as well, which include creating short articles or product reviews and website content.

Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program

Wow, this one is for us blogger and website owners. Do you know how easy it is to make money with Amazon Affiliate Program? You simply need to route potential customers to Amazon.com from your website / blog via your Amazon affiliate link. You can choose to display just a single product or if you like you could even display the entire best seller products in a particular section according to the niche of your blog / website.

You can make money from affiliate commissions out of all sales made using that link. The affiliate commissions ranges from 4 – 7.5 % depending on which fee structure you sign up for as the an associate. If all this sounds a bit complex, do not worry. Very soon, I will be creating another detailed post that is specifically focused on how to make money with Amazon Affiliate program.

Make Money With Amazon Kindle

This one is for all freelance writers or should I say writers in general? If you can write eBooks, you can write Kindle books. Basically, they are just the same, in which you write about a certain topic of your choice and expertise in a short and concise manner. The only difference is that Kindle books need formatting and creation of flat Kindle cover in order for it to be accepted and sold on Amazon Kindle.

I am sure you realize that Kindle books are read by people on their Kindle, which is an electronic reading device   that enables you to download Kindle compatible books, magazines etc and read it at your own leisure. You can sell your books for a set price tag and readers will have to pay before they can download the book on to their Kindle reader.


This post has already run into over 1000 words and I still would like to share a LOT of information on how to make money with Amazon. Please visit back tomorrow again to see my next post that will deal with Amazon Affiliate program in great detail. Until then, read through this post and try to implement whatever methods that can help you make money from Amazon.

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