When is the Next Google Page Rank Update-Are You Worried?

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Every blogger that I know of is now worried about the latest Google page rank update and is checking and rechecking their page rank to see if their blog received an upgrade to a better rank. Any blogging group or forum that you visit is abuzz with rumors and hearsays about the possible date of Google’s next page rank update.

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When is the Next Google Page Rank Update?

Many bloggers did circulate rumors about the page rank update done on August 2nd, 2012. All this has only added to the anxiety.

But instead of worrying about your update, you will benefit better by learning tips to get a better page rank for your blog. Here are 5 tips to ensure that your blog will enjoy a better rank at the next update.

1) Create Valuable Content

Writing blog posts is just an exercise in SEO, copy pasting and rewriting other blogger’s posts for many of the bloggers. Believe me, that is really not the way to earn a higher page rank update from Google. As you might already know, page rank update results are declared only once every 3 / 4months a year.

But the evaluation process is a continuous one. So do not think that you can increase the page rank of your blog by posting rewritten trash and just crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.

When your content is useful and original, other bloggers will link to your posts. And Google page rank is all about measuring how many blogs or sites link to your blog. Useful and high quality content works like a magnet in attracting links to your blog.


2) Fix All Your Broken Links

Just like limbs that need immediate attention when broken, links too can be quite a pain in the rank if left untended. When Google bots see lot of broken links on your blog, they immediately categorize your blog among the spammers, which is going to hurt your blog credibility and page rank very badly.

So act fast and pay attention to all those broken links. Either fix the errors and mend them or remove them if they do not work anymore.

I realize that it is quite easier said than done to find and locate all the broken links on your blog, especially when you have been blogging for some time and have hundreds of posts and pages.

If your blog is on WordPress, you can use any of the free plugins to check broken links like Broken link checker. In case your blog is not on WordPress and yet you want to examine the overall health of your blog using a free software, please head to brokenlinkcheck.com.


3) Internal Linking

In addition to getting back links to your posts from other blogs, it is also necessary to link deeper into your own pages as well. The best way to do this is by linking your new posts to some of the related posts that have been published previously. Try using related anchor text while linking internally.

In case you want to make your blogging a bit easier, feel free to make use of plugins like Insight WordPress plugin.


4) Commenting on High Page Rank Blogs

Post Penguin update by Google, not many blogs are generous when it comes to permitting flow of link juice via comment section. But thanks to the lovely plugin designed by Andy Bailey called CommentLuv, all hope is not yet lost.

Bloggers usually have a list of high PR blogs that use CommentLuv plugin and give ‘dofollow’ links to commentors. This is a good strategy to increase page rank of your blog,  but make sure that you target only those blogs which are closely related to your niche, because unrelated links are useless, even if they come from high PR blogs and are ‘dofollow’.

Another benefit of leaving comments on related blogs is that you are displaying a link to your latest post via CommentLuv plugin to all those who visit that blog and read through the post and comments. Your link there, works as a free ad to everyone who cares to look.


5) Guest Blogging on Related Blogs

Just like leaving comments, leaving an entire post written by you, along with a detailed author bio and links back to your blog is like taking the back link process a step higher. But you have to create a very high quality guest post and catch your reader’s attention if you really want it to bring in some results.

Guest blogging will not only earn you a ‘dofollow’ link but also helps to increase your page rank and your traffic as well.



All of these tips mentioned here have to be done consistently and continuously if you want your blog to have a better page rank at every PR update. Doing them just before the next Google PR update will not bring in any results. Keep going and you will see a steady and healthy improvement of your blog page rank.


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Author: Dr. Kavita

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