11 Tips For Writing a Professional CV

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In the education section you should include information about secondary school, high school, college or graduate school, with exact name of the institution and attendance period. If you are student and you are writing student’s CV, you should specify your plans for completing your studies.

Most important is to provide accurate information about education; listed in reverse chronological order (This means that the list should start with the most recently acquired education).

Work Experience

In Work Experience Section, you should give information about company or companies where you worked, period of employment with each of them, designation and your duties and responsibilities, what you learned there, and what skills you have acquired.

Freely in this area, you can specify the practice. Do not belittle what you’re doing, and do not be ashamed of it. Show your future employer that you are a person who wants to learn and develop its potential in all situations.

If work experience is not particularly relevant to the position you are applying for, then you should just mention it, without emphasizing and describing.

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Seminars Courses And Awards

Here you can specify professional conferences and seminars in which you participated, both at home and abroad, as well as other courses that you attended. These data represent you as a person who takes the initiative and is willing to fight for a good education, practical experience, or in other words a person who is ready for learning and training.

Information about awards is what separates you from other candidates. Provide scholarships given to you, what awards you have won or courses in which you participated. You do not need to specify only the name, year and place. You can describe in a few words what you think is important about these awards, scholarships, etc.

Foreign Languages

List all the languages you use, indicating how well you know the language (elementary, middle level, advanced level, fluency in reading, writing and conversation). Also, you should specify if you have completed a language course and diploma.

Computer Skills

Write all programs that know how to use, including use of the Internet, and determine the level of knowledge (beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert level). If you do not have the knowledge in Word, Excel and the Internet, we suggest that you start as soon as possible with learning, because this is the minimum that is required regardless of what job and which company you are applying. If you have completed a computer course, be sure to specify it.

Personal Qualities

Specify the qualities that are relevant to the position you are applying for, such as, for example, initiative, teamwork, persistence, communication. They are often the requirements listed in the job ad, so take care to specify the qualities that you possess according to ones listed in job ad.

Other Observations

Provide everything else you consider important but did not fit into the above categories. Be sure to specify if you have a driver’s license, you can mention that you have a personal car (especially if this is deemed highly relevant to the position you’re competing), hobbies and so on.

These are just some of the standard parts which should include a resume, of course, you can add what you think and create a resume in its sole discretion.

Cover Letter

This tip probably don’t belong to writing resume section, but CV without a cover letter can be interpreted as an incomplete application, even if it is not indicated that the cover letter is required. It introduces the reader to your CV and suggesting its important parts.

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