3 Online Writing Prompts to Crush Writer’s Block

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Writing is an art; there is absolutely no doubt about that! While there are so many forms of writing, creative writing is by far the most popular kind, probably because it does not restrict its readers to any particular age, gender, profession or background.

Almost every human being can relate to a creative piece of writing.

"writing prompts for writer's block"

Writers Block to Writing

Readers who enjoy creative stories or works of fiction usually think it is easy to write these kinds of pieces. This idea could be based on the smooth and easy feeling imparted by such writings.

But ask any writer worth their words, and they will tell you stories (some of which are quite horrifying) about writer’s block.

Yeah, this is a peculiar disease that afflicts writers (bloggers, content creators, technical writers included) in general, but most likely unnerves creative writers the most.

So how do these poor souls get over their blocks? There are so many remedies, tools and tricks recommended to overcome this block, but today’s post is focused on writing prompts.

Sounds interesting? Okay read on to know how writing prompts can crush your writer’s block to smithereens.

1) Plinky

This is an awesome resource for all those writers being tortured by the writer’s block demon. As you will see, the moment you click here, you will be welcomed by a writing prompt that will challenge your creativity and cause your creative juices to gush out in a flood.

The best thing about using Plinky writing prompts is that you have the choice of continuing with the rest of your writing on this site itself by answering the prompt question. Moreover, you also can enhance your post with images or any other rich media. You can even share the completed and enhanced post on social media and your blog too.

2) Fifteen Minutes to Fiction

Now this is what I call the best writing tool for modern writers. In case you are wondering about the reason, let me tell you how this writing prompt works.

It aims at helping creative writers quickly create a poem, story or post in just under 15 minutes. As we all would well agree with each other, what modern writers lack mainly, is time. So this online prompt tool is useful for any writer who is scarce on time.

But in case you manage to spare a few minutes from your daily schedule, there are a lot of useful articles, forum discussions etc. about writing that you may want to check out here.

3) Seventh Sanctum

This is one of the writing prompts that comes with the maximum customization. You can get a variety of prompts to help your writing by adding or choosing permutations and combinations that suit you. Here is the link to the prompts page.


Most of us writers can churn out stories with great frequency and regularity. But as with every other craft, writing also has its own sets of challenges and obstacles.

Writer’s block is one of the most dreaded obstacle that scares the hell out of any good writer.

The writing prompts listed in this post will hopefully relive some of that apprehension and fear and help in getting your ideas back to your paper / computer.

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